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  1. takato14
    Dear christ those things are hideous.
    takato14, Jan 28, 2014
  2. vlenbo
    Nice review, seems pretty promising. You've got to compare this with the martins and the re700s. The ath-re700s are also stylish, and sound pretty different than what you described this headphone. What you call cold mids, I say warm mids on these headphones. The treble is bright on mine, but controlled brightness as it doesn't even hurt listening to. I'd say it's close to bright, but pretty balanced treble. I hope I get to try this headphone one day, it looks pretty good, and I like that it is genuine leather on the headphone.   Good review overall.   P.S. I LOVE black+red combination.
    vlenbo, Jan 28, 2014
  3. pro1137
    [user=274267]@vlenbo[/user] thanks! I massively prefer these over the Martin Logans, but they're both good in their own right. The genuine leather is definitely a big plus for me as well
    pro1137, Jan 28, 2014
  4. vlenbo
    [user=345528]@pro1137[/user]   Awesome, just outstanding! Enjoy those awesome headphones, pretty stylish and possibly a good tool to captivate women. *wink wink*
    vlenbo, Jan 28, 2014
  5. musiclvr
    I agree with your review. I own the ms500 and ml mikros 90 as well and I love them both for different reasons. When paired with my Centrance HiFi M8 DAC/AMP they are simply stunning!
    musiclvr, Feb 7, 2014