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  1. songmic
    It's also a shame that the L-2 is sold out... I contacted Doug several days ago asking for this amp, but he told me that the L-2 is discontinued and that there probably won't be another production run. I really wanted to get this amp for my HD800, but I lost the opportunity. If the L-2 supposedly drives the HD800 that well like what people are saying, then I consider it a stunning value; not many headphone amps, even those costing much more, could drive the HD800 to its full glory. Right now the only hope I have of auditioning his amp is through buying a second-hand unit... assuming there are people willing to put up their L-2 for sale, that is. It's a long shot, though. Reviews like this make me a sad panda.
    songmic, Dec 4, 2013
  2. minimus
    Songmic, I don't own the HD800s, but all the positive comments about its great synergy with the L-2 has me rethinking whether to buy a pair. I will say that the L-2 drives the LCD-2s really well, certainly better than the Super 7 or Woo 22.   If I were you, find out what amp Doug is planning to build next (maybe the Black Diamond?) and just plan to buy one of those.
    minimus, Dec 4, 2013
  3. koiloco
    Such a great amp and discontinued? Wow.  I can't even venture guessing.   I was about to go check out the website.  Nvm now then.
    koiloco, Dec 12, 2013
  4. twizzleraddict
    Nice review. I have stopped looking at amps after getting my L-2 and not finding much that it does WRONG in. It pretty much hits every button on my wishlist and driving the TH900s, it's sufficiently sublime for my long-term listening needs. I am, however, also intrigued at the HD800 comparison so likely will look for one shortly in the new year as well as yourself.    Doug's still advertising the L-2 on his site though. He might be likely super busy after his move from IL to CT, though.
    twizzleraddict, Dec 25, 2013
  5. Royalorgans
    Anyone auditioned the Black Diamond amp the Doug makes?
    Royalorgans, Sep 19, 2014