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First Dynamic + Balanced Armature from Remax

Remax RM-800MD

  • First Dynamic + Balanced Armature from Remax

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  1. Zelda
    A good example of 'Hybrid' IEM
    Written by Zelda
    Published Oct 24, 2016
    Pros - Strong build quality; nice design; great combination of dynamic + BA hybrid; price
    Cons - Drivers flex; needs better eartips for best sound; short and wide nozzle
    REVIEW: Remax RM-800MD
    Driver: Knowles Balanced armature + 9.2mm dynamic driver
    Impedance: 16ohm
    Sensitivity: 98dB
    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20 kHz
    PriceU$D 49 from Penonaudio.
    1. Carry case
    2. 3 pair of foam eartips (S/M/L
    3. 3 pairs of silicone eartips (S/M/L
    The RM800 is very well built and nicely designed. The housings are apparently made of stainless steel, with a more conical shape and well finished. The nozzle is rather wider than standard in-ear sets and also short, which limits a lot the use of extra eartips. The nozzle filter is made of metal as well. The back part of the shells is covered by a plastic rubber ring which is soft and helps to achieve a better fit. At the exit of the shells, the strain relief is a bit short and not very flexible, but the curved shape seems to help. The cable uses a Kevlar fiber wire; from the outside, the half upper cable from the shells to y-split is plastic/rubber covered, while the lower half is much more flexible with the cloth covering. Y-split and plug are made of metal too, but there's no cable slider. Microphone is placed on the right side.
    Fit, Comfort & Isolation:
    Getting a proper fit for the RM800 can be tricky. The included silicone tips don't work well (nor do they offer a decent sound quality). The best results were with more regular single eartips and dual-flange tips; SpinFit can be used as well, although the sound performance wasn't best. Anyway, with the right tips the RM800 is quite comfortable and can be used on both cable configurations, down or over-ear. Personally I preferred the over-ear as it's more secure. The RM800 is an almost fully sealed in-ear and as such has a mild driver flex effect; it also needs a couple of seconds to equalize from the air pressure. A wrong fit might cause the sound be too congested, lacking in bass or too hollow. Isolation is above average with the sealed design.
    The first hybrid model from Remax turns to be rather different from what I was expecting from a hybrid IEM at this price. The low-end has a strong presence and punch, but I wouldn’t consider it bass-heavy. The 9.2mm driver is not small and can deliver a warmer bass when needed, but it has a great control and balances well with the rest of the frequencies from the BA unit. The bass is not too deep and while mid-bass emphasis is more noticed than the sub-bass rumble, it is not overdone by any means. It may result in a less tight bass when compared to the Soundmagic E50 or Auglamour R8, but that the quantity should suit well most of the listeners.
    The slightly enhanced low end mixes well into the midrange, which is clean and a bit warm in tonality. If it was for the BA unit inside alone, I think it would classify as a mid-centric earphone, and in its hybrid configuration the mids are not pushed too forward what results in a better balanced sound overall. The level of resolution is very good and background details can be easily discerned without much effort. Instruments are well rounded for a single BA and the dynamic driver adds the correct sense of warmth and note texture.
    Treble is fairly neutral or just a bit towards the bright side. It's smooth but well present with enough energy and remains clean and resolving. It doesn't extend too far, though there's no serious roll-off. Personally, I think the treble of the RM800 sounds better on a bit higher volumes, giving a stronger upper mids presence, without showing a sense of sibilance or grain. It's still not as refined as some good single dynamic IEMs like the E80, but the RM800 highs are well rounded for the hybrid setup. Finding the right eartips and correct fit is a must to get the best treble performance out of the Remax, otherwise it might sound dull or too off.
    The presentation of is a bit wide with a good stage shape. Depth and height are decent for the price, with good air and separation between instruments making a great use of both driver technologies. In fact, the RM800 is a great hybrid set in terms of drivers' coherence.
    Final thoughts
    There seems to be a very strong interest in hybrid in-ear models lately. More and more companies keep releasing this kind of drivers' setup over the traditional dynamic or single BA at a more affordable price that keep attracting many buyers. While I don't consider the number or type of drivers as a deciding factor, I must say I got interested in this Remax first hybrid model and didn't think too much before getting it, and luckily, it ended up being quite a contender for the sub $50 category, and mainly a good example of the hybrid setup.
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    2. Zelda
      @AudioNoob . sorry, never tried the 600 model. was more interested in the 800 being a hybrid rather than the single BA on the re600.
      Anyway, the 800 is very well built indeed. and not heavy worn down, and quite comfortable for me at least
      Zelda, Nov 27, 2016
    3. Zelda
      Added some photos.
      Zelda, Dec 4, 2016
    4. modjo
      @AudioNoob Yes, it has what you're looking for, and also slightly heavy to wear down.
      modjo, Feb 6, 2017


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