Reloop RH-3500

General Information

categorized as a DJ headphone because of the powerful bass and high volume range.

priced around $50

Latest reviews

Pros: Clear rich sound, closed enviroment, Very solid
Cons: Very large, mid range and treble could be better, a bit plastic - White version
I bought these as a replacement for my broken DJ headphones so the do exactly what you want them to do. They came with a nice amount of extras, spare pads, choice of cable and kit bag. I got these at at seriously good price in a sale (29chf = £20/33$) they were 100$ the week before - I had been looking at them then.
Sound quality is good, especially for a DJ headphone, unlike Beats they have some actual mid-range and treble and the sound is slightly warm which I like. I would prefer them to be a bit more generous on the mid and treble but the Bass doesn't drown things out.
As a closed headphone these are fantastic, you hear no ambient noise and can loose yourself in your music of choice and nobody else will suffer from your taste - mine is Jazz, Funk, Soul, Electro and Old School HipHop. BUT I don't recommend these for wear in street - they cancel ambient noise too well - i.e. Trucks, Armed robberies... You won't know about any of these until something hits you.
The worse point regarding the cans is the size, which does have the positive point that they are strong, but you do feel like an idiot walking down the street in these - you look a bit like a Cyber-man crossed with Princess Leia. Plus the RH-3500 Pro Ltd are VERY WHITE which makes them stand out. The white pads & headband will also go grey over time (mine are now at least 3 years old) and look a bit grubby. 
They are however available in Black and Black and Silver
The big question is would I buy a set of these again? It depends on the use:
To DJ with - Definitely
To listen to music at home - Yes but there are far better headphones around
To use outside the home/club - No


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