Rega Apollo

General Information

This revolutionary new player will analyse the disc to be played and (rather like the engine management system on a modern car which optimises the engine settings to ambient temperature, engine temperature, fuel quality etc.) will adjust itself to the disc in order to give optimal trouble free reading and great sound quality. This process takes a few short seconds and the resultant musical improvements are well worth the wait.

A new high quality mechanism has been used which incorporates a three-point mounting ball chuck. This has advantages over the magnetic puck type design. Firstly it presents the disc as flat as is possible to the laser spot directly resulting in improved reading of the information on the disc. Secondly the mass of the puck is lost completely giving the mechanism itself less stress and better acceleration and braking performance.

Digital, for the more technically minded!
This revolutionary player has been three years in design and is nothing like any player in specialist Hi Fi today. Rega, together with its design partners have pioneered something new and very special - a highly advanced servo controller which uses the very latest signal processing techniques to ensure that the raw data that is recovered from the disc is of the very highest quality. Because our fully digital servo can use highly advanced algorithms the laser spot is kept in the optimum position for data recovery in terms of focus spot size and tracking position.

Extra error correction
Previous chip-sets always made compromises on error correction. Likewise it was possible to have good jog resistance if the music was compromised or better musical performance at the expense of jog resistance. Regas new chip-sets allows optimum musical performance and optimised jog or vibration resistance.

Super-stable phase lock loop
Our entire IC is clocked via a very special PLL of our own design. This allows better CD data recovery as well as a big improvement in the quality of the data delivered to the DAC.

Low noise digital design
In the design of our CPU IC we went to very great lengths to ensure that the data and address bus noise was kept at an absolute minimum, this will ensure that the ground and signal connections to the DAC are as 'clean' as is possible.

DAC design
We have used the very latest highest performance DAC from our previous partners Wolfson, the highly sonically regarded WM8740 Sigma Delta 24bit DAC with differential outputs.

The new player utilises a brand new design output amplifier. This amplifier is of discreet design and uses the very highest quality audio components. It operates in 'Class A' and represents a big step up in performance from previous players. Because of the high quality 'Class A' output stage the CD players sound quality will improve over the first 15 minutes after switching on.

Remote Control
The player will come with a dedicated CD remote control handset as standard. Although the remote control supplied as standard is specific to the this model and is necessary to access the advanced functions of the player the Rega ‘Solar’ universal remote will control all the basic functions of the Apollo.

Not only will this player set new levels for sound quality for our customers but it also has the capability of playing MP3 discs. It offers up to 100 albums play back capability from one disc.

We hope you enjoy this very special new player, we have spent a very long time creating it, drawing on all of our 32 years experience in specialist Hi Fi manufacturing.


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