Reecho SG01 Graphene Driver IEM


New Head-Fier
Amazing treble - 40$ budget champ
Pros: 40$ absolute steal for this
Best treble under 100$
Great mids and neutral low end
Cons: Stock cable

Easily driven but improves with power ( imaging staging low end control )

Excellent tonality

Awesome treble , sparkly airy great

Not harsh or sibilant at all

Slightly boosted low end above neutral

Not bass shy

Bass has good quality , full body rich deep

Clean clear mids and vocals

Excellent mids and treble

Good imagining and stage

Good technicalities

Warm tone and low end

Great build and fit

Good isolation

Excellent quality and variety of tips

Insane low price 39.99$

Solid metal shell

The stock cable isn’t that great , try aftermarket to bring out the best

Alex W
Is it better than the etymotic er2xr and the Tripowin mele?


New Head-Fier
A Low Budget Value over Performance 1DD Graphene Driver Reecho SG01
Pros: Mid Centric Male and Female Vocals
Treble High details and good extension
Fast and Tight bass presence and extension when required
Cons: Slight Sibilance on Transparent Source for treble sensitive ears
Not for Basshead that love Super V low extension sub bass / rumbling
Graphene Driver traits 'Leafy' not for all natural timbre and tonality lovers
Disclaimer - I bought this set of IEM out of my own pocket money, and all impression is entirely based on my own listening and understanding.

Unboxing and Presentation
Ordered this one from TaoBao and was pleasantly taken by surprise from the packaging and unboxing experience.
The packaging is very similar to the recent MoonDrop Aria 2 that i have bought.
The box itself has a magnetic flip open and 'Wala' the set of well built from metal alloy IEMs is there.

The package comes with a cloth zipper pouch, cloth woven cable with mic, 9 sets of silicon tips in S, M & L sizes.

Model: SG01
Driver: 10mm N50 graphene composite diaphragm
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 110dB±2dB(1mW@1kHz)
THD: <2%(@1kHz/1mW)
Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated straight plug
Cable length: 1.2m±0.1m
Cable material: 4 strands high-pure oxygen-free copper
Microphone: YES

iMac Apple Music - Toppings D10s DAC - Toppings L30 Amp [32 bits/384kHz]
iMac Apple Music - Toppings DX3PRO DAC - XDuoo TA05 Tube Amp [32bits/768kHz]
Samsung Mobile Note 8 - 3.5mm jack out and OPPO Mobile Find X3Pro - Samsung Dongle
Fiio M9 DAP and Sony A55 DAP

Music Tracks
Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love
Billie Ellish - Happier Than Ever
Aha - Hunting High and Low
Camomile - Fields of Gold
Chicago - You are the Inspiration
Depeche Mode - Strange Love
Eagles - Hotel California
Ed Sheeran - I Don't Care
Fleetwood Mac - Big Love
Glass Tiger - Thin Red Line


Tonality - Bright Mid Centric Vocals Good Treble Extension Details.

Bass - Fast and tight mid bass, not so much emphasis on low sub bass or that rumbling Basshead loves.

Mids - Male and Female vocals are a real joy on this set, clean clear and forward sounding.

Treble - Extend very well and treble details are very clear and clean on the wind, chime and string instruments.

Soundstage - Wide and spacious sounding, width, depth and height is adequate enough.


Against Moondrop Aria 2 OTTB No Mod stock - Aria sounds a little veiled and recessed, tonality and timbre is more natural sounding.

Against Whizzer OS1Pro OTTB No Mod stock - OS1Pro is balanced sounding but not as engaging fun listening pleasure as compared.


The Reecho SG01 is a low budget, very good value over performance set, for Mid Centric Vocals Lovers [ both Male and Female] and Treble Details Extension Lovers.

Overall sound impression is impressive, well built metal alloy shell, light and good fit and isolation. For low budget set, the accessories supplied is the best i have encountered so far.

I must congrats Reecho on this set for the outstanding performance over value i have seen till date in 2021.


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i like its more mid centric than aria IMHO
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vs heart mirror (moded with filter on bass vent)?
FR on HM and SG01 attached above