Reecho SG-01

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Reecho SG-01 Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm In-ear Earphone with Mic & Remote Control
Lightweight zinc alloy all-metal cavity

2pin detachable high-pure OFC nylon MIC cable
Lightweight zinc alloy all-metal cavity
Classic aesthetics, elegant and chic SG-01
The classic front sound cavity design is made by metal injection molding to make it more compact and sleek, plus the later CNC finely crafted, elegant and unique, and the beauty of the details is fully displayed.
Flagship 6μm graphene diaphragm
Compared with the ordinary graphene unit, the current signal is better restored, the loss is smaller, the distortion is smaller, and the power is stronger.
High specifications to meet the needs of audiophile beginner
High-purity 4N OFC core, to ensure purer sound and non-destructive high-reduction transmission, all-metal plating wire control shell, exquisite and stable.
Bodyguard level 2pin connection design
The protruding earphone socket and the wrapped 2pin plug calmly deal with the shortcomings of the two-pin design that is easy to loose.
The experience of forgetting to wear
The cavity model that combines the shape of the auricle and the ear canal brings the listener a comfortable wearing experience.
Three sets of acoustic eartips
Based on CRY6151 and CRY509B test, not metaphysical, scientifically matched. Optimize the sound field and analysis, the overall balanced is better, and the middle and low frequencies are optimized.
Carry out precise and detailed tuning for each frequency band.
Model: SG01
Driver: 10mm N50 graphene composite diaphragm
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 110dB±2dB(1mW@1kHz)
THD: <2%(@1kHz/1mW)
Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated straight plug
Cable length: 1.2m±0.1m
Cable material: 4 strands high-pure oxygen-free copper
Microphone: YES

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New Head-Fier
Oh the treble 😍
Pros: Sparkly airy treble
Great mids
Full punchy low end
Price at 40$
Cons: None at price
Sg01 Reecho

Easily driven but improves with power ( imaging staging low end control )

Excellent tonality

Awesome treble , sparkly airy great

Not harsh or sibilant at all

Slightly boosted low end above neutral

Not bass shy

Bass has good quality , full body rich deep

Clean clear mids and vocals

Excellent mids and treble

Good imagining and stage

Good technicalities

Warm tone and low end

Great build and fit

Good isolation

Excellent quality and variety of tips

Insane low price 39.99$

Solid metal shell

The stock cable isn’t that great , try aftermarket to bring out the best

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Headphoneus Supremus
Reecho Star Gate- 01
Pros: CNC machined solid all metal housing with a smaller shape for long lasting comfort and build.
Well balanced w shaped tuning with great dynamics detail and a surprising larger sound from a small earphone. Some of the best included tips in the industry at this price range. Comes with a micd nylon covered 4N OFC cable for conversations on the go.
Cons: Included cable is standard and does not maximize the full sound of the SG-01 as expected. Your better aftermarket cables is highly recommended.
Reecho SG-01
Reecho don’t seem to produce a lot of IEMs but what they do roll out I can tell just from the attention to their packaging just how much they pay attention to the little things that count. Case in point, you would never guess their SG-01 costs a mere $39 on Penon web site here. The package is more than sufficient even for earphones that cost 10X as much. What was included with the SG-01 is 3 different types of quality silicone tips, a standard 4N OFC cable but this time with a mic included in single ended and a clam shell case.
What impressed me about this particular packaging is the sets of tips they included with the SG-01. 99% of my reviews I will throw the included tips that come with earphones into a larger box and use my set of aftermarket tips for that earphone and call it good. I am sure most of you reading this can relate. However I would pay particular attention to these tips they included with the SG-01.

Reason being. It is not every day the quality of the tips you get is just as good as the earphones themselves especially in the budget sector for earphones. This set of tips is a bit unique in that it is the widest bored tip I have seen included with earphones since JVC includes their famous spiral dots with their higher end earphones. These included tips for the SG-01 is the type of tips you would actually buy separately to have so you can use on other earphones they are that good. In fact if Reecho ever decided to mass produce these tips for folks to buy extras of. I would easily buy several sets of them. Hope this reaches out to them.
In any case they are most definitely worth mentioning. The included thinner cable is a micd standard 4N OFC cable sleeved in a nylon covering. Good for standard use and even conversations which are in the good enough category, tested and worked great on my LG phone. However testing out some aftermarket cables on the SG-01 clearly shows how limiting the stock cable is to the sound of the SG-01. The SG-01 sounds markedly better with aftermarket cables. It makes the SG-01 go from a decent budget offering to fantastic for sonics with a change to a more resolving higher end copper cable. You can’t expect Reecho to throw in a nicer cable for a $39 earphone. There is a reason why these are in 2 pin after all.

Disclaimers. I would like to thank Penon and their pursuit of audio happiness for their patrons in sending me a sample to let my peers know what is good and or bad about a $39 earphone. The SG-01 was provided for review purposes. If you would like to spend your hard earned $39 for a set if only just to have a set of these tips I mentioned but then you also get the benefit of owning one of the best sounding single dynamic earphones anywhere near to the price range. You can find out more about them here.

Sound analysis was done using my DAPs. Fiio M15,Shanling M6pro,M5s, M3s, Ibasso DX160, Sony ZX300, Pioneer XDP-30r, IFI Black label for amping.
No matter what level you're at in the hobby. Don’t let the price tag of the SG-01 make you think you're getting a budget or intro level sound because what the SG-01 sounds like and what it has to offer those brave enough to dig deep into their pockets for a set. You're gonna be pleasantly surprised. The sound of the SG-01 is actually very capable. It has to be one of the best sounding earphones in the price range as I have compared them to some of the best sets I have reviewed and owned at the price range and the SG-01 clearly stands out as being a very capable, well tuned, even remarkable sounding earphone at any price. It is just a bonus that they don’t cost so much.
Sound design
Is a moderate w shaped tuning from what I am hearing with at least 10dbs of pinna gain for upper mids which brings about a good level of clarity with a slight vocal lift for fans of vocals. The SG-01 is very good for vocal renditions, be it male or female. They have an energetic treble tuning yet not so forward to sound overly saturated or too lively added to these aspects a punchy deep hitting quality bass. These are more consumer tuned but at the same time have enough technical chops and a fundamental balancing for the more discerning listener to leave a positive impression.
Graphene enhanced dynamics, plated or composite have been around for a while and in general graphene presentation is more resolving than your standard dynamic offerings with enhanced technical aspects like imaging, detail, better timbre and speed vs your standard dynamic transducers. It turns out to be a great choice for a budget offering as the sound is not only complete with a surprising proficiency and balance but has some very excellent dynamic qualities with a slightly forward mid range, treble and bass. I don’t perceive any recession or missing parts to the sound tuning which clearly shows the attention to the tuning aspect of the SG-01. Sound is very versatile for the vast majority of my eclectic music collection.
Treble has surprisingly good extension with detail which presents with a moderate level of energy, presence and is balanced well in how it is tuned vs the rest of the sound signature. SG-01 has a full range treble but is not so emphasized for the trebles to overshadow or step out of boundaries like a lot of lesser tuned budget level earphones have a tendency to do. I don’t hear an overly dampened or uneven treble as macro details from the lower trebles to upper trebles notes are clearly defined. Treble tonality is accurate and rangy yet delicate enough to shine for Jazz renditions.

I recently did a review for a much higher end all beryllium dynamic earphone, the SG-01 did amazingly well with my tester tracks for treble. Not so much the higher end dynamic beryllium earphone. Which proved to me just how complete the tuning is for the SG-01.
With the stock included cable music notes sounds decidedly thinner and does not sound as dynamic as the SG-01 can actually do. If the SG-01 sounds a touch splashy in the treble for you it is probably due to the underwhelming stock cable they threw on here. Thinner notes including the treble means sharper more edgy treble as well.

Lower treble emphasis has the most energy with a gradual decrease in emphasis toward the upper trebles. While not particularly airy for the treble notes, what is there is much more complete than a lot of higher end earphones so folks that would like a full range treble with no real discernible roll off. The SG-01 passes with flying colors.
The mids do not take a step back in the presentation like most V shaped IEMs in fact mids are projected slightly forward due to the tuning and I have not heard much better vocal renditions from a budget offering since the old Zero Audio Tenors. Look that up if you don't know what that is. Technicalities for the overall sound are definitely above average here with a very good sense of stage in width, height and depth projecting an excellent sense of fundamental layering to your music. Descriptions of the graphene diaphragm suggest it is a very thin 6micron thick composite dynamic which supposedly enhances details with less resonances and distortion. The levels of details are much more apparent than your standard dynamic earphones. Imaging and timbre is clearly above average for this level of earphone with nicely done sound separation showing great ability to hear all parts of a given track clearly in their own space and that to me is a nice accomplishment for a budget offering.
Graphene bass.
Bass ability and presence seems to be a specialty for Reecho engineers as all their earphones include a full bass end and the SG-01 has very good bass in both presence and ability. I always thought graphene bass was good if not outright great for dynamic earphones. Again if you have ever heard an earphone utilizing carbon drivers like CNT or carbon nanotube dynamics and the like. I have yet to hear a carbon based earphone that is weak in the bass department and the SG-01 while not as stout in the bass arena like their bigger brother the SG-03, you can read my take on them here. It has plenty of low end grunt that gives your music some soul and some dynamics to the nethers. Graphene bass in general has a richer full bodied tone for bass and here the SG-01 has very good definition, tightness, fullness, speed and body for a proper bass. Subbass does justice to bass genres and has plenty of punch for rock and metal music. What is really surprising about the SG-01 is just how complete the sound is from the highest of treble notes to a full low end rumble that will impress.
In the end the SG-01 for the little bucks I feel is Reecho saying check out what we can do with a very capable dynamic driver at this price. A trojan horse of an earphone as these will make you curious about their other offerings. Reecho Spring, Summer, Insects awaken, and their newer SG-03. The SG-01 is touted as an intro level earphone. These don’t sound like intro anything and certainly are superior to most earphones at the price. These are easily turning out to be one of my favorite budget dynamic earphones and if you need a no compromise sounding comfortable earphone that has a solid all metal build. They are easy to drive and sound great for hours due to their smaller shell size, best of all the sound quality is not just good but great at this price. The SG-01 is an easy recommendation. These will surprise a lot of people, the only catch is please for the love of god use a better cable to really hear them. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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Fahmi Misbah Bangsar
Fahmi Misbah Bangsar
Hi There..
i love neutral or balanced at least and seperation/layering , soundstage is a bonus .my current cheap kept collection is HZ Heart mirror ( favorite) , Tin T2 plus , CCA C12 and Blon Bl03.

which should i buy?
01 vs 03 and why ?
If your curious about the Reecho dynamics. I would get the SG-01 if you want more of a balanced set. The SG-03 is a bass specialist and while is balanced well for that type of tuning the SG-01 is the set that is better proportioned in its tuning. It is using a nicely resolving graphene diaphragm so detail is excellent. At the budget level it is a very good iem.

Not to mention the SG-01 uses a smaller shell and is way more comfortable in the ear for longer listening sessions over the fairly larger SG-03 shells. I like both IEMs equally but the SG-01 has the better balancing overall.
Fahmi Misbah Bangsar
Fahmi Misbah Bangsar
Thank You for the rec .
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