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Pros: Great Isolation, Solid Build, Premium Design, Two Sets of Comply Tips, Comfortable Fit, Fun Sound Signature
Cons: Microphonic Prone Cable
The RBH EP3 is a brand new model succeeding the EP1 & EP2.

~ All photos were taken by me, no stock pictures from the manufacturer were used ~

Simple Box, but with some nicely placed magnets that snap the cover back into place after you take a sneak peek at the EP3 hiding inside.
- 1 pair of EP3 earphones
- 1 set of Extra Comply™ isolation tips (black T-200 medium - attached to earphones)
- 1 set of Comply™ isolation tips (black T-200 large)
- 1 set of silicone ear cushions in small, medium and large
- Cord clip  
- Carrying pouch
- Stabilizing Spacers for Apple iPhone 6 and 6s models ~Not Shown~

Ok, first off, the RBH gave the EP3 not one, but two sets of Comply tips!  One set comes installed on the EP3 and the other is sealed in a little pouch.  I love comply tips; personally work the best for me.  There is also normal silicone tips as well if that works better for other users.  The carrying pouch is small, but does the job; it has a nice strong snap at the opening that keeps everything inside secure.  The cord clip is much needed, as beautiful as the cable is, it can be prone to some microphonics and the clip does reduce this noise a little.  I also thought it was very impressive that RBH included Stabilizing Spacers for iPhone 6(s) users, though I personally could not test this, it just shows how willing they are to go the extra mile to ensure their product is easy and properly used.


The RBE EP3 is a pretty earphone.  The housing itself is as tough as it is good looking.  It must be noted that the diamond edged plating on the back of the earphone with the RBH logo, does not rotate, though it looks like it does.  Strain relief is strong throughout, from the aluminum jack all the way to its tuned ceramic casing.  There is also a nice microphone and control unit.  Though for me, I found I could only use the microphone and nothing else with my Samsung S4.  I see these are more designed for full functionality with Apple products.
With the included two sizes of Comply tips, you are almost guaranteed to get a good seal.  For me, I got extremely good isolation while also maintaining wonderful comfort.  Beyond the tips, the housing never pushed against my ear canal.  The EP3 can be worn for hours with no discomfort. 
My description may sound almost contradictory, but please bear with me until the end.
Bass – The lows are full and powerful.  The strong bass is never mushy or out of control.  I would not completely classify this as a basshead earphone but bassheads would still enjoy the EP3.  I found sub-bass to be sufficient and accounted for, though not its strongest asset. 

Mids – While the tuning emphasis of the EP3 is gear more towards the highs and lows, I never found the mids to be reassessed.  The middle is clear, musical and supple.  There is also a nice vocal representation to be found here.
Highs – There is a pronounced push in the highs as there is in the lows.  Never becoming too harsh or spikey, instead featuring some excellent control and precise reproduction.
Isolation – As mentioned before with fit, the RBH EP3 isolation is outstanding.  I found myself to be blocked off from the world around me.  Testing this next to my daughter playing video games at a reasonable level, I could barely hear the tv even when no music was playing through the earphones.
Soundstage – I found the width to be surprisingly sufficient for a pair of earphones that isolate so well.  This is also where I found instrument separation to be particularly good and accurate.
Sound Signature – With my description, you would think these would be easily to be said as having a V shaped sound, but this is where I found my contradiction to be.  The EP3 has a clear tonal balance, even with the pounced highs and lows.  I’ve found this to be the hardest place to describe with these earphones.  It is one of those things you almost have to hear for yourself.  I hate to use the term “musical”, as it is vague, but describe the overall sound I am hearing.  RBH did such a great job tuning these to be fun, yet strangely controlled.  It is really like nothing I have heard before and I really like it.

*Overall Thoughts*

Fun and Musical; these are the two words that keep coming back to me every time I put them in my ears.  The RBH EP3 is a wonderful, different earphone that deserves listening time.  This is what earphones are all about, an instrument for enjoyment and not always analyzed use.  I feel with the EP3, I was enjoying myself more than I was picking apart each frequency response.  I kept drifting away into the music and forgetting at times that I was trying to complete a review.  The earphones themselves are beautiful pieces that are rewarding to view and hold.  RBH did a fantastic job with the overall production of the EP3, keeping them both good looking and great to listen to.
***Get them while they are hot.***   https://rbhsound.com/ep3.php
RBH has a limited time introductory price of only $99 for the EP3, Regularly Priced at $179.
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DJ The Rocket
DJ The Rocket
This is funny. I'm trying to write a review for another IEM and struggling with the same thing: "the bass is boosted and forward and so arr the mids and treble, but it's not flat sounding at all." Did you ever find a better way to say that?