RAZER Kraken Pro Circumaural Analog Gaming Headset - Black

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    "Incarcerate the Kraken!"
    Pros - Beating
    Cons - Everything else
    I stick to the opinion that people should write reviews only after some time spent with a merchandise. But after trying these out at a store, I came to conclusion right away because my crap-o-meter went off the charts in a blink of an eye. Imagine a $1 generic OEM chinese earpiece. Add some strong ear-beating to it (can't use the word "bass" because it would be offensive to the latter). And here you are! Razer Kraken in the flesh!
  2. 2015071
    "Ehh... It's fine... ¯\_ツ_/¯"
    Pros - Sturdy build, looks fashionable (if you're into that thing), average sound, good mic, adaptable functionality, surround
    Cons - Bass is muffled and many times unclear, hard cups (could be fixed overtime simply by wearing), disappointing plastic quality
    The Razer Kraken Pro is a gaming headset created by Razer and bears a cool product name with a CAD$110 price tag. Mine comes in green unlike the picture above however they're all the same so don't freak out. Anyways.
    Build and looks:
    The Kraken is build with cheap plastics and (fake?) cheap leather. The construction is sturdy, which is expected. However the plastics and leathery covers are cheap looking and feeling. any CAD$60 headphones from HMV (like Skullcandy and Urbanears) could beat it any day. The headset does have a tight clamp and large cups, which creates a good lever of noise cancellation. But then I digress, since the cups are very hard at the same time, which cause my ears in agony after 30 minutes of wearing it. However, this could be fixable in the long run as the cups will start to wear down and becomes squishy enough they wont hurt anymore. Still, it's a decent headset to wear.
    On a plus side though, the headphones looks great, especially in bright green. Making it fashionable and good looking on gaming face cam videos. (Like you care you Beats haters)
    Sound and mic:
    The sound is average with decent balance vocals. Instrumental sound however is surprising good with fairly good level of accuracy. Bass however is muffled, unclear and sometimes over exaggerated to a point it makes the song unintelligible. Which sucks because with a better bass speakers, this thing could potentially be a pair of good looking headset with some nice sound. And that literally pisses me off. I hate products that could potentially be good but instead bogged down by huge flaws (especially when consider a very good function of this headset which I'll cover it in a moment). WHY DID YOU DO THAT RAZER?! C'MON! Argh!
    On the other hand, the Microphone is good. Good enough for Skype calls and annoy some russkis in CS:GO by saying cyka blyat multiple times. Talking about games though, Razer has a free software called Razer Synapse which allows this headset to have surround sound. All you have to do is to download from here: http://www.razerzone.com/synapse/ . And that's great especially if you play shooters that rely heavily on sound, like CS:GO.
    The Kraken has a built in 3.5 stereo 4 conductor jack cable and a 3.5 to pc sound and recording jack adapter cable. Both cables are well built long enough together to reach the back of the desktop pc, where the holes are located. The 3.5 jack allows me to listen to music on my phone, making this headset adaptable. You can even use it on your daily commute! However on Android the volume level is low, couple with the sound quality, makes me reaching for my AKG Y50, or Philips SHE3590, or Shure se215 or Sony MDR-1R. It's a good feature tbh but nothing really special. 
    The Razer Kraken is a very average headset for gaming and listening. It has surround, good mic and adaptability. It has decent sound but with a terrible bass, it's not good for listening to music. Couple with uncomfortable cups and low quality materials, renders this headset very average.
  3. kigisaru
    "Great Gaming Headset"
    Pros - Sound quality and razer surround sound engine
    Cons - occasional discomfort
    Wonderful headset. Very underrated because razer gets a lot of hate for being mainstream
  4. spiwar
    "For gaming it's good, but for music is pretty meh"
    Pros - TONS of Bass, Comfortable for long hours, Looks pretty good
    Cons - no mids, no highs
    I bought these headphones in hoping that they will do good for gaming and hopefully, for music. They delivered exactly what i wanted for, a decent gaming headset. But for music, I don't even want to touch these.
    Design & Comfort:
    The headset looks stylish, the headband is retractable and you can fold it. It's pretty portable so you can bring it anywhere if you will be wearing these outside, you won't look like a crazy person. It's really com
    Sound/Audio Quality:
    Yes, I already know it's from Razer. Yes, I already know that it has tons of bass with no mids and highs. For gaming, these headphones are surprisingly good, Explosion sounded awesome in Battlefield 4, and gunfights in CS:GO sounded really good. If you're buying this ONLY for gaming, than 10/10 look no further.
    For music, it's more of a mixed bag. Electronics, Dubsteps, Raps,... (or any music with TONS of Bass), these performed exepctionally well. But I didn't listen only to those kinds of music. On any other types of music, especially ones with vocals, these are just as good as $5 headphones. Vocals were recessed, and i can't feel the clarity of the songs that i usually listen to. I was hoping i could recover the mids and the highs by using the equalizer like the XB500 headphones from sony (one of the best headphones i've ever used), but nooooooo, these sound muddy and boomy no matter what i do.
    Mic Quality:
    Mic is retractable, slim, and was pretty okay. Nothing special here.
    If you're buying these for gaming, than i would definitely recommend. If you're buying these for electronics/dubstep music, than i would definitely recommend. But if you want an all around performer, I suggest you stay away from this headset. It only works for gaming and a few certain kinds of music.
    I haven't burn these in yet, and will probably update a few months later to see if it changes
  5. kwilt
    "Great for gaming, listening to music isn't "bad" but not "great.""
    Pros - Extremely comfortable, work with ps4, sound quality is great for gaming. Mic is decent.
    Cons - The included splitter (mic/audio) cable for laptops is garbage, opening for ear cups could be a little bigger
    I've had these headphones for several months now and I wear them every day for hours on end. 7+ hours per day usually. The only time they get uncomfortable is if I just throw them on my head and don't position them properly. I had to purchase a new splitter cable for them so i could use the mic with my laptop (I bought a splitter from sound blaster). They perform great and none of the sounds are overwhelming. The mic is also decent, some could say that it could be improved but it performs good.
  6. Bonny
    "Not the sound an audiophile would love"
    Pros - Low Price (At least in this area), Really good microphone, Punchy Bass (Might even be considered a con)
    Cons - Uncomfortable after a few weeks (Top of head hurts), Completely made out of plastic
    Remember: "Stay away from Razer".
    Razer headphones are just meant to be "fun" for a certain amount of time. After a few weeks they either break or become really uncomfortable.
    The sound is overall good but they are really overpriced like any other Razer headphones.
    Although they are just headphones for the "bragging use".
    Razer should know one thing - Overpricing the product doesn't make it better.
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