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  1. indopler
    Epic Bass a real basshead can!
    Written by indopler
    Published Jan 22, 2014
    Pros - Clean Amped Bass, Clear mids, Crisp Highs, No sibliance, dedicated subwoofer driver, velour earpads, inline levels control,
    Cons - USB powered, 4 3.5 mini plugs to navigate, must have 5.1 audio, not mobile at all.
    These are my everyday gaming and music cans for like 10 years now through two sets of them. The bass response is unparalleled with USB powered built-in amplification and a dedicated 40 mm subwoofer driver. I imagine to get the same bass you would have to buy another can with a dedicated bass driver, and some do exist from different makers, but no one did it as clean as the razer barracuda. The current offering from Razer Tiamat  7.1 didn't have the bass at all.  Velour earpads, leather sprung one size fits all, I find them to be almost seamless in terms of comfort. All Metal and aluminum construction. Lights on the earcups, but i dont' use those they are optional. I listen mostly to hip hop and other bass heavy music. For this type of music they are very well built. The bass in these headphones isn't muddy at all. Very Clean and clear bass with both impact and sub-bass. When eq'ed they really thicken, and you can turn down your levels so your music has just the right amount of extreme bass, and everything comes through clear and articulate without having to blast your volume levels to get to where you want. I listen at a comfortable 50 percent volume on the center, front, and rear channels with the bass all the way up. This way of listening is definitely ear preserving. 
    So basically what these are is mini subwoofers with a very audiophile sound stage, very pure clean sound, no matter how much bass there is it never disturbs the soundstage and never robs the mids or highs, they are separate drivers after all on separate channels. If you want to know how your music will sound with a subwoofer behind it like in a car or living room subwoofer, these will allow you to reach down to 1.5 hz, that is exceptionally low for a headphone. 
    In my opinion once you've had this experience with a dedicated bass driver in a headphone I've discovered in my limited experience there really are far and few between even headphones that have a bass driver but sound terrible. If its done right, its amazing. and the Barracuda's do it right. There's no going back once you've got the bass.
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    2. indopler
      I fail to see whats not quality about the headphones I've listed. I have owned over 50 pairs of headphones at least. 
      indopler, Jan 23, 2014
    3. indopler
      If they are lacking mid bass maybe kova4a you can show me headphones which gave great midbass, I must be mid-deaf because I don't notice these headphones lacking anything. but thats what you are insinuating right? lol at any rate 8 years is good life for headphones. something right about them?
      indopler, Jan 23, 2014
    4. skyforger
      .......... You are kidding right? Be honest, you have yet to own a pair of dedicated real headphones yet? It's nothing shameful before I started foray into good/high end headphones I had the razer megaldons and thought they sounded great, only to realize that they were poor in comparison to $50 headphones.
      skyforger, Jan 23, 2014


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