Ray Samuels The Tomahawk

General Information

The Tomahawk has very simple circuitry, it is not God’s gift to human beings. I believe in a very FEW, HIGH quality components used on very high quality military pc brd, with 4 oz oxygen free copper to accomplish my kind of sound. The secret of the layout is very important in making the sound you are looking for, the separation of signal traces from those of the power are as important also. The solid ground copper is a must to lower the floor noise.

Latest reviews

Pros: size, great battery life, clarity, no hiss w iems
Cons: so far so good
Had e amp for 5 years and decided to get another amp. Tried pico, predator n a couple of other amps and after much abing, am sticking to e tomahawk cos it still sounds so good!
Used it w heir audio 5.0.


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