Ramsey BN9 Super Snoop Amplifier Kit

General Information

Here's a super sensitive amplifier that will pick up a pin drop at 15 feet! An ideal general purpose amplifier, too. Full 2 watts audio output is great for boosting low power receivers and radios, and when wired for high gain, makes an excellent room monitor or big ear shotgun mike amp... easy to listen in on "wild-life" both in the field and in the city! Recommended to be powered by a 6 to 15 VDC filtered power supply rated for at least 500 mAmps or batteries, drives any speaker. Size: 1 1/2" x 1/2"x 1 1/2". Ramsey Mini-Kits are handy, easy-to-build, easy-to-use functional kits that can be used alone or as building blocks in larger, more complex designs. Mini-kits have been used in projects as simple as blinking name badges or as complex as Radio Astronomy Telescopes. Consider these capable little kits the next time you build.


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