Radius Atomic Bass Aluminum Earbuds - Black

General Information

If the tunes you spin go deeper than your earphones can handle, it's time for new earphones. The Atomic Bass earphones are tailor made to deliver the slamming bass of hip-hop and dance, but they are tonally balanced for any music style.Precision crafted from the same material as the iPod Nano, and sporting a gold plated stereo mini-plug, Atomic Bass goes to the final degree to make sure everything looks and sounds perfect.Bass sound waves are longer by nature, so it takes longer for bass energy to really get started. The unique shape of Atomic Bass features a lengthened sound chamber to let those waves develop properly.While the sound is generated in the stylish bud, the angled tube chamber which sits in your ear canal acts as a tuned port. Penetration is deeper, and so is the rumble. This means clear, deep bass you can feel. Don't miss the sensation.Finally, most earphones are rated at 16O of impedance. Atomic Bass earphones are rated at 32O, which makes them easier to drive. This added efficiency helps to produce enormous sound, and your iPod battery doesn't have to work so hard to do it.Your ears are unique and, for many people, the smallest available ear fitting is still too big for their ears. Factor in a variety of ear shapes, and getting the right fit becomes challenging. Atomic Bass earphones can be inserted from three possible angles, and the smallest of the three included fittings is among the smallest available. Three angles times three fitting sizes equals nine possible solutions to getting the most comfortable fit for your ears.


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