Radius Atomic Bass 2

  1. Itskewl42
    amazing. these blow everything else out of the water. definitely holds its own against beats and is arguably better for a fraction of the price.
    Written by Itskewl42
    Published Apr 4, 2013
    Pros - great sound, more than good enough bass, great build quality, great price
    Cons - mids can get dull
    these are buy far the highest value IEMs i have ever seen in my life. for $30 you get a full metal, very comfortable, great sounding pair of earbuds that can't be beat, even by beats (ha). when i bought these i was deciding between these and the (i forget the exact name) double x iems, you know the red ones that are supposed to have great base. from what i heard these two were comparable, but when one of my friends found a 100% off coupon for the double x's i got to try them out and they weren't even close. if you want a low cost high quality IEM no question get these