Questyle M12 (Mobile DAC/Amp)


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Questyle M12 (Mobile DAC/Amp) Review
Pros: An utterly resolving, generates low heat
Cons: no on-board buttons/controls
Questyle M12 (Mobile DAC/Amp) Review


The box with USB-C to Lightning cable

Instructions, and such...

This is a DAC/Amp that I believe is worthy of its $139 price tag. How come?

You’ve got not only the extremely resolving mobile DAC/amp that gives you an utterly coherent sound, but you don’t have to worry about the use of on-amp buttons or dials, as the smartphone/device/laptop in use is what is used to provide the volume and other settings.

The USB-C to Lightning cable that I used to connect the M12 to my iPhone XS

Such a slim profile of the Questyle M12

The headphone jack is almost as wide as the M12 itself!

Various technologies including the infamous Current Mode Amplification (check out my QP1R review for a detailed explanation)

The very low-profile design of the mobile DAC/Amp that is the M12

A very slim USB-C port

Compared to the BlueGet, this DAC/Amp offers a more coherent sound. You’ve got the Bluetooth (and slightly muddier sound) as well of the BlueGet, as opposed to the cord-connected nature of the M12 (albeit very slim)! You’ve got several ways to connect to the M12, and the use of the USB-C to Lightning cable provided an instantaneous connection without any issue!

Was I working out? I guess the world will never know.

Connected to the Drop DT 177X Go

If you’re in the mood for an upgraded sound in a minuscule package that doesn’t generate much heat (very worth the 5.0 rating in my opinion), then the M12 is definitely the right fit for you!

For more information, purchasing, and specs, you can go here.

Feel free to contact me on (moedawg140), and I can help you out with regards to any questions or inquiries you might have! Take care.
Questyle M12 is a beautiful piece, sound stellar! Im not into MQA stuff for that price why not. IMO, it sounded better than IBasso DC04 and HIby FC3 also might be slightly better than lotoo paw s1. Great new feature is the auto impedance switch that one kinda cool tho! Ultimately, this product is being slept on, not much review on this product. Whoever picked this product, who just found a hidden gem :wink:
Great review btw :)
I have both the M12 and the PAW S1 and they are imo practically opposite ends of the spectrum, with the M12 being wide and analytical while the PAW S1 is intimate and warm. I personally prefer the PAW S1 as the M12 for my taste is almost bright and brittle, but it'll imo mostly be a matter of taste which one is perceived as being 'better'.
Great review. I recently purchased the M12 and have been very happy with the synergy between it and my Grado Hemps. Definitely a HUGE upgrade over onboard sound coming from either my MacBook or iPhone.