QES Labs Fuga Portable-Desktop Pure Class A Amplifier

General Information

It falls in-between a portable and a desktop amp, option for a USB DAC, the device is battery operated. A Single Ended Pure Class A juicy amp, featuring analog line input, headphone jack, and a speakers binding post on rear panel. The Fuga Portable/Desktop Amp is able to drive just any headphone, from 8 to 600 ohms, you can even hook a pair of high-efficiency speakers. The circuitry is single ended power stage, so pure class A, DC coupled throughout (no capacitors on signal path), featuring ruler flat and extended frequency range, no phase deviation. The detail is impressive, as the speed. Low end is deep and controlled, treble is real, with no veil.
It is touching to see how a (almost) portable amp can achieve this sound quality.
It is fun to use a huge lead-gel rechargeable battery, and you have an option to order their battery-charger, which connects to the mains line, or go for the solar panel option!

Latest reviews

Pros: Drives just any headphone, sounds excellent, has USB DAC option, the 3.4Ah battery can stand the high current demands
Cons: Heavy but solid, battery does not last long
It really falls in between a portable and a desktop amp. Sounds excellent. A bit heavy, but a very solid build. A handy mini-usb input connects directly to my laptop without installing any driver.
Tested with an Accuphase CP800 cd player, Beyerdynamic DT-880 and AKG K-271 studio.
Sound is revealing, detail retreiving is impressive.
Stravinsky's Royal March reveals an optimal soundstage and transient response.
USB DAC accepts up to 16-bit 48kHz files.
Overall rating is very positive.


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