Qables, Silvercab-Pro iPhone/iPod/iTouch dock - mini cable

General Information

a High value cable manufactured by Qables using Mundorf Silver-Gold alloy wires.
According to Mundorf:

"The mixture of silver plus 1% gold has proven itself excellently as capacitor film for the MCap® Supreme Silver/Gold series capacitors. The resulting sound was so impressive that it was only natural to think of using this alloy for the internal wiring of electronic devices. Listening tests with individually isolated conductors quickly proved that silver/gold shows its superior strengths every bit as convincingly in this application as well. Purity and elegance are the terms that automatically lend themselves to this exquisite material. We offer the silver/gold wire in various diameters and insulated in PTFE"

Latest reviews

Pros: Bass is second to none of my LOD's quality of the cable is excellent as are the asthetics.
Cons: none
Hans is a stand up guy and really cares about his customers I will recommend his products and buy from him in the future. First one I had broke, contacted the company and he sent me out a new dock that was a step up from the one i had at no extra charge. It sounded even better than the original dock I purchased. I was never a believer in wires making a sonic difference but low an behold Qables changed my beliefs.


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