Qables iQube V5

General Information

The iQube V5 Portable Headphone Amp & DSD DAC has a redeveloped famous class D output stage. It is a vast improvement over the iQube V3 with this reengineered output stage capable of driving even the most difficult headphones like the Sennheiser HD800.

Qables was awarded as best in class and best in transparency many years in a row but they felt it was time to redevelop the iQube’s famous class D output stage. Bruno Putzeys and Bart van der Laan have surpassed themselves with this design.

Bart has developed a full new iQube with many changes including a four layer medical grade type PC board, New class D output stages, a New stronger, more powerful, power supply based on a Lithium Ion cell with double the play time, and a digital controlled charging stage, a Full new digital section capable of any signal you can think of including DSD single dual rate DoP, a Floored noise level, a Full new digital controlled user interface with embedded software and coloured LED lighting.

The casing design of the iQube V5 is the only thing that will remain the same but we did succeed in making it even lighter.


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