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PX-Massdrop x MEE Audio

  1. thelittleaudiophile
    Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX
    Written by thelittleaudiophile
    Published Jul 30, 2018


    Driver: 1 x 10 mm Dynamic

    Impedance: 50 ohms

    Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz

    Sensitivity: 96 dB

    Connector: MMCX

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Massdrop or MEE Audio in any way and do not benefit monetarily or in any other form for writing this review. I purchased this in-ear monitor with my own resources and I am simply giving my honest review of the product!

    Review by: “Gloryrain” from The Little Audiophile

    TLA Score
    Physical Attributes
    Comfort: 9/10
    Durability: 7/10
    Ease of Wearing: 7/10
    Noise Isolation: 8/10
    Microphonics: 8/10
    Value for Money: 7/10

    Sonic Attributes
    Bass: 7/10
    Mids: 6/10
    Trebles: 7/10
    Sound Stage: 6/10
    Separation & Imaging: 7/10
    Source Matchability: 4/10

    I purchased the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX out of curiosity, just to try out how it would perform when holding the MEE Audio’s name alongside Massdrop’s. Here’s what I think about it…


    The Pinnacle PX comes in a small pudgy box with the usual Massdrop and MEE Audio branding on the front. A really simple, minimalistic box that well… serves its purpose. Who cares about boxes anyways. Inside, you will find a pair of triple flange tips, two sizes of bi-flange tips, two sizes of normal silicone tips and the IEM itself. Oh yes! It comes with a shirt clip too that no one actually uses unless you live in the 1990s.




    Zinc alloy – this is what the housing is made of. Alright… if you know your chemistry well, which I don’t, Zinc is a pretty hard metal, so durability should not be an issue here with the Pinnacle PX. The shape of the PX is also ergonomically constructed so fit will be no issue for the majority of the listeners.


    The PX comes with a gold-plated TRRS 3.5 mm jack that is enclosed with a hard plastic, right-angled shroud. Strain relief is basic to say the least. Okay, moving on to the wire…

    The wire is that cool 1.3 m twisty-wisty helix oxygen-free cable (OFC) that is totally audiophile. Length-wise, I fell that 1.3 m is just nice for an IEM cable. The cable is thick yet supple and feels very durable. The in-line microphone is also a good implementation, though the IEM may not be that suitable for the day out and about use…(read on to find out why please). There is no memory wire or heat shrink at the ear hooks so… to be very honest I do not even know is it a good or bad thing but I believe it boils down to personal preference at this point. Anyways, a good cable nonetheless.


    The connector is a standard MMCX termination which feels fairly durable and secure and is made of the same hard plastic material as the jack.



    Comfort on the PX is great. It is able to be worn cable-up or cable-down and the housing fits most of the outer ear without pain or discomfort. The nozzle size is of comply T400 specification and the nozzle inserts fairly deep into the ear canal and when worn cable-up, the ear hooks do not put much stress or weight onto the ears.



    Unlike the Pinnacle P1 which takes a neutral sound signature, the PX takes on a U-shaped sound signature. Soundstage is not particularly wide due to the body in the lower frequencies, but instrumental separation is good and different instruments can be clearly heard.


    In the bass department, the PX has more sub-bass than mid-bass and that sub-bass rumble does not extend very low as it rolls-off early. As such, bassy tracks do not feel that powerful and immersive. The mid-bass, however, is tight and bodied and it does not bleed into the mids, thus, it does not sound overly boomy and does not muddy the mids.


    Mids are only slightly recessed and the elevated treble helps to bring out an airy soundstage in the mids. The mids are well bodied but are not particularly engaging, so the PX is definitely not for vocal or guitar lovers. Shame. Upper-mids are more pleasing than lower-mids as it is heightened by the treble emphasis.


    Treble is clear and bright, while not appearing shrill or piercing, although it might appear sibilant to some listeners, especially in the 5 – 7 kHz range. The treble peaks in the low-trebles, then gently roll off. The roll off is gentle enough to still retain high-treble detail. That said, treble extension is still great for the given price point.



    This is where the PX falls short, in terms of compatibility at least. 50 ohms – that is pretty big when trying to pair this IEM with your average smartphone. On the iPhone 7 that I paired with, the PX is incapable of reaching satisfactory listening levels. With an amp, however, dynamics and details really start to shine through.

    The U-shaped sound signature of the Pinnacle PX pairs best with U-shaped, warm or neutral sources



    This is an impressive IEM with a good price to performance ratio. Sound and build quality is more than satisfactory and would shine as an everyday carry IEM, provided you are fine with lugging an extra portable amp with you. We recommend switching out the stock OFC cable for a high quality, lower resistance third-party MMCX cable as the stock one does carry a relatively high resistance. Listening volumes may be able to be improved by doing this. If you have the equipment to run these and are on a tight budget, this is a relatively good IEM to consider with little more to be desired for an IEM at this price point.

    Do check out our WordPress site at https://thelittleaudiophile.wordpress.com/ for more reviews!