Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Wireless Headphones for Kids (White/Silver)


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Safe for Kids, Tough Build, Great Looks, Easy to Use Blueetooth, Long Battery Life
Cons: Hard Case is an Extra Purchase, Tight fit for Adults (but it is a kids headphone)
*A sample of the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 was provided to me to do an unbiased review*  http://purosound.com/
This review was done in the perspective of my 10 year old daughter.  
For a full technical review, see the great job twister6 did:  
Every day, my daughter would say to me, "Are my headphones here yet"?  "No, not today sweetie, maybe tomorrow", I would reply.
Then the day did come when they did arrived.  She was SO excited and could not wait to rip them out of the box.  I had to explain to
her that daddy needed to take some pictures first, for the review.  She was surprisingly patient with my request and understood.   
I snapped a few quick pictures as fast as I could, as I could see how anxious she was to try them.  It took them out of the box and took a few more pictures.
I told her I needed to show all the things that came inside the box:  A booklet, a 3.5mm detachable cord, a microUSB Cord with plug and a carrying bag.
My daughter kept saying over and over, my headphones are so cool!  My headphones are so cool!  Yes they are.
The design is top notch.  I'm more of a function over form kind of guy, but I must say these are very good looking.
She is so excited for school to start up again so she can show them off.  They are quite exotic looking.
Within a minute of handing them over to my daughter, she quickly had the Bluetooth
hooked up and some of her favorite music playing.  The smile on her face was huge.
The only issue my daughter had was that my wife kept stealing them away from her.
My wife would then keep saying how she wanted her own pair.  It was hard to tear the
Puro BT2200 away from her so that my daughter could use them again.  My wife also
was so impressed with the styling and how well they fit.  She love the fun sound 
they make too!
I too would eventually steal the BT2200.  I wanted to try them as well.  They feel amazing
in the hand.  So tough, yet refined.  A little small for my head of course, but they are for kids.
The sound signature can be described more of a main stream feel.  Bigger Bass with
an emphasis on fun playback.  These might not be at the Audiophile level of clarity,
but they still are very good for the 85dB sound level they are limited to.
To protect my daughters precious Bluetooth headphones, Puro has a hard-case available for 
purchase on their website:  http://purosound.com/shop/carrying-case-for-bt-series-headphones
The case is VERY sturdy and has plenty of room to hold the BT2200 and all accessories.
Overall, my daughter could not be happier with her new headphones.  She uses them everyday.
She loves how they sound when she hooks them up to her older laptop via the 3.5mm detachable cable.
My daughter is blown away by how good her Minecraft game sounds now.  Distant Mobs, piggies, rain,
all sound so great to her.  
She keeps saying how lucky she is and I could not agree more.  The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 is an
excellent headphone for kids.
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Unique volume governor system that limits sound output to 85 dB (decibels) 
Puro Balanced Response equally balances bass, mids and highs, delivering clear, understandable vocal reproduction without excessive volume
Freedom with Bluetooth wireless
Ambient noise limited  by up to 82%  - even in noisy environments like an airplane
Durable and lightweight aluminum construction
Puro Limiter cable to insure 85 dB sound limit with wired connection
Integrated microphone for seamless use with a phone
18 hours battery life of music playback & 200 hours standby


[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.901961)]Background Noise Reduction (82% at 1kHz)[/color]
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.901961)]Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless with range of up to 30 feet[/color]
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.901961)]40 mm Custom Dynamic Drivers[/color]
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.901961)]Dynamic Range: 20Hz - 20kHz with <1% Total Harmonic Distortion[/color]
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Included in the Box

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.901961)]Puro BT2200 Wireless Headphones[/color]
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.901961)]AC Adapter and Charging Cable[/color]
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.901961)]Auxiliary 3.5 mm Audio Cable with Puro Limiter (85 dBA) Quick Start Guide[/color]
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Thank you for reading!

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Excellent and very sweet review with a coverage from a different perspective to compliment my write up!  Also, thanks for a link to my review!  My daughter is also 10 yrs old, though she already acts like a teenager (I'm trying to slow down this 'transition', but it's not easy lol!!!).  She started to use this wireless headset, but shortly afterwards "borrowed" my Beyers on-ears and the rest is history :)
Thank you twister6 for the kind words.  I really enjoyed your review as well, thus why I wanted to link it in mine.  Luckily my 10 year old still acts her age, though I can see she is growing quickly.  Her headphones are actually the best in the house now.  I sold off all my end stuff.  So I think she will be happy with her BT2200 Headphones for quite a while.  :)


twister6 Reviews
Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: great build quality, comfortable fitment, 85dB sound limiter, not bad for wireless audio performance
Cons: size is limited to kids/teens, no hardshell storage case
Before I start my review I would like to Thank Puro Sound Labs for providing me with a review sample in exchange for my honest opinion.
As a father of two pre-teens, my kid’s hearing health and safety is very important to me.  Also, my involvement in testing and reviewing of a lot of different headphones spoils them with an easy access to a number of products after reviews are done.  Beside the point they both prefer full size over-ear which can never fit them right, I’m also not happy when I walk by with them blasting the music at high volume.  When my kids were little, we used to get them cheap walkman-style headphones with built-in volume limiter, but no way would they wear it now because it doesn’t look “cool”.  When I came across Puro Sound Labs new set of wireless/wired BT2200 headphones, I knew right away these are going to be a hit in my household, and I was right!  Here is what I found.
My review unit of BT2200 arrived in a compact plastic box packed inside of another packaging box with a magnetic flap.  I’m not sure if the final product packaging will have that external box since its overkill with the only purpose for PR media distribution, but I decided to include it in my unboxing pictures anyway.  The actual compact plastic packaging has a nice presentation of the product and plenty of room for all the accessories.  It has a bold display look to catch your attention, and I can easily see it being featured on the shelves of Best Buy or Staples!
Unboxing and some feature highlight pictures.
Out of the box you’ll find a decent set of accessories bundled with BT2200 headphones.  First of all you get a set of high quality usb to micro-usb cable AND a wall charger.  I already forgot the last time I have seen anybody offering a wall charger in addition to a charging usb cable.  I also think it's a great idea to give this compact wall charger to your older kids to teach them responsibility of keeping your headphones charged.  Just keep in mind, a fully charged BT2200 will last about 18 hours, and when power off in standby – we are talking about 200 hours!  But if they run out of battery and have no patience to wait for a charging, Puro Kids can also work as wired headphones with a removable cable attached to the left earcup.  The included removable cable is not just a regular 3.5mm to 3.5mm wire, but has a built in volume limiter to cap the sound output at max 85dB which is considered to be a safety level for kids.  The cable is flat and easy to manage for storage.  I would actually suggest Puro Sound Labs to offer this cable as a separate accessory so parents can buy it for their kids to use with Beats and other headphones.
Another included accessory was a headphone storage bag - a draw string pouch.  It will be useful for protecting headphones from scratches and also to store a cable inside, but might not be enough for safety storage in comparison to a hard shell case.  It’s just something to think about in a future or to offer as an add-on accessory since these headphones fold flat for convenient storage.  Also included with a package was a detailed Quick Start Guide.
Accessory pictures.
When it comes to the actual design, BT2200 strikes a perfect balance between the comfort (with a room to grow through height adjustment) and stylish looks so your kids will not complain about “wearing baby headphones”.  I found the build quality and the materials to be very impressive.  These headphones use a durable lightweight aluminum for headband and earcups housing, and a soft pleather material wrapped around headband foam filling.  Headband height adjustment was actually able to accommodate even my head, though it felt a bit tight.  A combination of aluminum and other light materials made these headphones very lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended period (clamping force doesn’t count in my case since these are intended for kids).  Earpads are also marshmallow soft and contribute to great noise isolation, something you will have to keep in mind to make sure your kids are not wearing these headphones when riding a bike.  Also, don’t be surprised if they use it as an excuse about not hearing you when you asked them to clean up their room lol!!!  One interesting detail, in addition to subtle labeling of L/R inside of headband, you can also see a large L/R letters inside of the earcup so there is no confusion about the sides.
With BT controls, everything is located in Left earcup.  You have micro-usb port for charging of internal battery.  You also have 3.5mm port to connect audio cable for wired operation.  For wireless controls you have volume up/down buttons, Bluetooth/playback button (for a pair up and a single click to Play/Pause, and double click to skip next), and a physical on/off slider.  The aluminum silver material used for the cup and the buttons did resemble a lot iPhone design.  In addition to silver/white model, the one I received for review, Puro Sound Labs also offer gold/brown model with gold-champagne finish of aluminum and brown pleather earpads and headband cushion.  Also, I was very pleased with a dedicated on/off slider switch because I’m not fond of multi-function buttons that you have to press and hold to turn power on/off.  Plus, you have a small LED to indicate either charging or operation function.
Wireless pair up was very simple by holding Bluetooth button to put headphones in pair-up mode (everything is described in details in manual).  Once paired up, it was connected to a phone and media audio.  Obviously, my kids are too young for a phone, but using a tablet or other audio/video devices supporting Bluetooth will be very convenient with a wireless connection.  I think majority of kids will end up using these headphones with tablets for wireless listening to music or when playing games.  Plus, it’s very convenient during a long ride in the car where some prefer to attach a tablet to the back of the seat and let your kids watch/listen without worrying about tangled cables.  And in a worst case if battery runs out of juice, you always have a convenience of wired connection.
Design pictures.
Now, let’s talk about the audio performance.  Puro Sound Labs refer to BT2200 as “studio grade” headphones.  From my personal experience, my kids are not too picky about the sound quality, at least not yet though my daughter already starting to complain about some headphones lacking bass.  Maybe they don’t care as much about it yet, but I do and was happy to be able to fit these on my head for testing.
I did put them through 30 hours of free air burn in since these are dynamic drivers after all.  One surprising thing I found was a better sound quality of wireless connection over wired.  The sound difference wasn’t too drastic, but definitely noticeable with wireless connection having a more articulate and less muddy bass, a clear and more detailed mids, and more sparkle in treble.  Surprisingly, the Bluetooth connection of BT2200 doesn’t support aptX which usually enhances the sound.  Also, keep in mind, Bluetooth wireless connection of BT2200 also offers internal volume limiter not to exceed 85dB threshold.  I guess combination of the cable with a built in limiter and higher impedance played some role in making sound a bit dull when connected wired, but this is only from my “audiophile” perspective which is probably not fair since we are talking about wireless headphones for kids.  Another interesting observation I noticed was related to the Puro Balanced Response implemented with these headphones to equally balance the bass, the mids/vocals, and the highs without any excessive volume peaks.  To my ears it sounded like a dynamic multi-band compressor with sound being adjusted in real time of playback.  I know I'm nitpicking here and for kids as well as majority of adults this is a hardly noticeable effect, but I still wanted to bring it up to everyone’s attention.  I’m not sure if Puro Balanced Response refers to FR tuning or some active control, but it does works keeping the sound on the same level.
Overall, I think these are great headphones for young ones, pre-teens, and teens.  Considering how many of us spoil our kids with Beats or Skullcandy or other expensive headphones, something like Puro BT2200 for Kids represent a great value with top quality build and material selection, very appealing design, convenience of wireless or wired connection, great battery life, and being able to expand (in headband adjustment) as your kids grow.  But the most important benefit of these headphones is to be able to protect hearing of your kids starting from an early age and to be able to provide “parental control” of 85dB sound level limiting without your kids even knowing about it :wink:  As a matter of fact, Puro Sound Labs is making a commitment to donate portion of every BT2200 sale through 2015 to the Hearing Health Foundation – a very noble cause!