PSB Alpha PS1 Powered Speakers

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  1. Skwalker
    "Not an audiophile; personally cannot complain (Alpha PS1 main speakers alone). Even better with enhancement of SubSeires 100 (or any sub)"
    Pros - Nice quality sound (all except deep bass, Punchy mid-bass, Nice aesthetics and size as computer speakers, Nice warranty time & after-sale services
    Cons - Expensive for computer speakers (2.0), even more expensive 2.1, woofer exposed -- prone to damage, USB port for charging purposes only (0.5A),
    Outstanding pair of computer speakers. The mid-bass punchiness is much better than I imagined. However, the two main speakers are not capable of handling deep bass-- this is where the sub-woofer would come in handy -- it'd perfect this speaker set by compensating for its only weakness - deep punchy bass.     The speakers look very good.......well designed.
    Tried Aktimate Mini+ just before this pair of speakers + subseries 100.   With the subwoofer, this whole set is around the same price as Aktimate Mini+.  Sound-quality-wise, the clarity is very comparable with Aktimate Mini+.    With the help of the subwoofer, it simply exceeds the range that Aktimate Mini+ can handle.
    Worthy to note:  I returned Aktimate Mini+ simply due to its TERRIBLE after-sales service (both attitude-wise and problem-solving-wise) and their response to their customer receiving an obviously defective product.   On the contrary,  PSB's after-sales service is just exceptional.  In addition to its 10-year warranty, they were extremely enthusiastic in responding to my problem with the noticeable hissing noise of the subseries100 (we are not talking about the subseries 100 here;  but that is my only complaint with this purchase; it isn't that serious, and no problem was found at all with the main speakers(ps1)).
    (the above is for people who have come across Aktimate Mini+.  As widely known, they are some of the best sounding speakers out there at this price range. But people say they spend too much on the sound quality and too little on the durability and build... and, by experience, I would agree...,   but nevertheless, IMO it is worth taking into comparison with Alpha PS1 + subseries100)
    I did not mention my purchase price at all here, because I know I got it for a slightly higher price than the $300 as commonly seen on the internet for Alpha PS1.
    Overall, no complaint on the speakers themselves (main speakers only), whether quality-wise or service-wise.    (Note:  from my purchase experience, after-sales service is exceptionally important and should be viewed as almost equally important as the sound quality of the product itself.)
    If I were to nitpick on the cons of this pair of speakers, it would be that the woofers are exposed and prone to damage, so be extra cautious with the speakers when you're wiping your table, especially wet-cleaning (don't splash it).  Of course, keep them away from little children before you injure the children... (it goes like this:  they become amused of your speaker, start to poke the soft part, cause scratches and dents, you simply can't understand how amusing that could be for the children, and you'd become extremely pissed at your children, and you might injure them out of anger...).
    Also worth noting:  the USB port at the back is purely for charging purposes, and only at 0.5A.   Some may complaint it charges slow on smartphones (most chargers and wall outlets are 1A). I ended up not using the USB ports at all...   but I would use it when I decide to buy the lossless bluetooth adapter.
    Recommended to add the subseries100 to enhance the extreme bass regime -- you'll find yourself having a perfect computer speaker. It really sounds like the sound is coming from a set of large speakers, and the sound sources would seem to disappear as if the sound comes from some point between the two speakers (depends the angle and how you position them, and your own position), not from the speakers themselves. They represent the position of the recorded sound source accurately as well.    Not to mention the exceptional quality for computer speaker... I'm sure it's somewhat comparable detail-wise to a monitor.
    Perfect 5-star rating.    If I add in consideration of the subseries100 sub-woofer, it would be 4.5 stars,  0.5 off for the hissing noise of the sub when idle (when the LED light is green).  But it is likely caused by the electrical environment of my house as the hissing sound is much less when tested at the dealer (the hiss is obviously due to power, not sound source).
    (No editting of grammar here, just wrote what came to my mind. Please don't comment on my English, I'm sure it'll be perfect if I spend time editting it.)
  2. djclabbe
    "Fantastic litle speaker!"
    Pros - Very small, nice high gloss black finish, detailed sound with good punch in the mid-base.
    Cons - Maybe a bit expensive? Atleast in Sweden. If you are going to use them on your desk, buy the stand/feet thats fit them!
    I'm not very good at English so i make it short.

    Fantastic lite speaker! Nice warm detailed sound, good punch in the mid-base. You can play LOUD!

    I would recommend you to buy the micro sub SubSeries 100 too. It looks tiny and you may wonder: Can this thing even play bass? OH YES it can! That lite 5" sub thinks it is a 10" woofer, it goes deep and punch hard! Playing a song like Judas Priest - Painkiller is almost to fun!