ProEar by MiraCell - Reviews
ProEar by MiraCell
Pros: Easy to use
Works quickly
Can be used as lubricant to prevent issues from arising
Cons: None
I picked up ProEar from Amazon for around 11 USD of my own money and am in no way affiliated with MiraCell.

Recently, I developed a sore in my inner ear after falling asleep with my FDX1s in, in 90 degree weather. My ears had sweated a lot, and I ended up on my left side, moving the IEM around in my sweaty ear canal. It became noticeably more tender over the next few days but, having recently sold my only over-ears at the time, I kept using them. Needless to say, this exacerbated the problem.

Once I received new over ears, I decided to give IEMs a rest for a week while trying all manner of lotions, oils, serums, and creams to alleviate the problem. Nothing helped. There was no improvement at all.

I then saw this product on Amazon. I didn't think it'd work but, for about $10, I decided to give it a go.


After reading the instructions, and the "usual recovery time" of 3-14 days, I decided on another week of no IEMs while I used the product. This was difficult, because one day in, I got my new Null Audio cable, but I stayed true.

The first night, I filled my ears with the stuff, as per instructions, and let it sit for 10 minutes before letting the excess out. This was the only time I did this. Over the next week, I dropped a liberal amount on my finger or in my ear, and simply rubbed it inside the canal. I did this several times a day, and was especially liberal at night.

The results:

After a week, I decided to give it a shot. I was nervous because a spot in my ear still felt slightly tender, but it had definitely improved. I put a small amount of the ProEar inside my canals (it is designed to double as a lubricant for hearing aids) and inserted my FDX1.

No pain at all. I couldn't believe how well this stuff worked. I still can't. In the next few days, the little spot that was still tender healed completely, which I attribute to using the ProEar with the IEMs. I was worried it might be messy or get in the nozzles, but it doesn't. You just need to go easy and make sure it's spread out evenly, and it doesn't drip or get on/in the nozzle at all.

I highly recommend ProEar for anyone with itchy or sore ear canals from IEM use, or to anyone who wants to be proactive about preventing it. I know I'm going to use this stuff every day from now on, because I never want to go 2 weeks without my FDX1 ever again.

Happy listening, everyone.