POLK PSW505 - This high quality powered subwoofer makes opens a whole new dimension of thrilling...

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black)

  • POLK PSW505 - This high quality powered subwoofer makes opens a whole new dimension of thrilling low end sound for audio and home theater systems alike. This versatile, clinically accurate beast handles bombs and bullets and delicate string sections with equal finesse. Polk Audio's PSW series of powered subwoofers were designed to deliver powerful and astonishingly musical bass at amazingly low prices. All the PSW models represent an evolution and refinement towards a truly visceral home-theater bass experience that coordinate with Polk's TSi and RM, and R/M/T Series Speakers for home sound that truly rivals the best that theater's offer. Experience movies, music, shows and games like never before. Pick up a PSW subwoofer and feel its superb build quality. Polk Audio PSW-505 is comprised of top-notch quality components from the driver, the power amp, and the cabinetry to deliver the finest performance. Hi-Roll Surrounds to support longer excursion High current 300 Watt Continuous (460 Watt Dynamic) power amplifier Frequency Range - 23 Hz - 160Hz Adjustable low pass crossover, phase switchand volume control for perfect blending with any main speakers Unfiltered LFE input Magnetically shielded Auto on/off circuit that automatically turns your subwoofer on when it senses a program signal. When no signal is present, the amplifier turns off within 15 minutes Sturdy Feet keep the sub from sliding across the floor when played at high volumes Unit Dimensions - 16-1/8H x 15-1/8W x 18-3/16D; Weighs 56 pounds Warranty - 5 Years Parts and Labor Speaker; 3 Years Parts and Labor Amplifier Subwoofer cable required; not included. Monster Cable is recommended

Recent Reviews

  1. moore1041
    good for the money
    Written by moore1041
    Published Oct 30, 2013
    Pros - loud, somewhat textured higher bass notes.
    Cons - doesnt go very low, distorts at high volume, sounds boomy.
    it is a decent value at 200ish but i think there are better subs out there for the money. it sounds rather boomy with any source and doesn't reproduce deep sub bass good at all.
    1. brunk
      I agree, its average at best. Most 10's and some 8's do a better job. Don't fall to the 12in hype in this price range.
      brunk, Oct 31, 2013


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