Polk Nue Voe In-Ear Headphones Authentic sound, personal style. Nue Voe headphones, part of the...

Polk Audio AM5109-A In-ear Headphones

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  • Polk Nue Voe In-Ear Headphones Authentic sound, personal style. Nue Voe headphones, part of the Polk Heritage Series, combine serious audiophile performance with stand-out style, for headphones that make a statement about what’s personally important to you. Because audio performance is our benchmark, Polk has re-engineered what a headphone can do. We’ve expanded the limits of the miniature driver design with new technologies based on our own innovative research. But we haven’t forgotten that wearing headphones is something you do. So we’ve raised the bar of comfort and style to make it something you actually want to do. How does Polk achieve the kind of dynamic, immersive, wide-spectrum audio performance that the critics love about the Nue Voe? With proprietary technology that improves headphone engineering. Polk pioneered the use of single balanced-armature driver designs in in-ear headphones. We designed the tiny Nue Voe drivers using our Dynamic Balance Material Tuning process, which tunes out imperfections before they occur. This is the same tuning process we use to engineer full-sized loudspeaker drivers. Then, we combined the efficiency and low-impedance characteristics of the tuned single balanced-armature driver with an exclusive passive EQ setting, for more realistic deep bass response. This radical new combined approach to headphone design is called Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning (POET). It refines the balanced-armature driver to improve overall performance, and extends the headphone’s dynamics without overpowering your sensibilities. When you listen to Nue Voe, your music will sound richer, fuller, and more realistic, with more depth, and a wider soundstage than you have any right to expect from a headphone. Plus, Nue Voe connects to your iOS device and gives you complete control over your audio settings and call functions from one easy-to-reach controller. There’s surprisingly advanced technology at work here, too, with a specially engineered cable featuring a unique 90-degree connector. The connector is positioned for increased range of movement, and it’s designed to sit tighter in the jack. Because it’s gold-plated, it will never oxidize, so you will always have a crisp, clear connection. The cable is ultra-lightweight, and connects at an adjustable Y-junction that puts the ergonomic 3-Button Controller right where you want it, never in your way. Control all your audio settings and phone settings intuitively with just a fingertip. The built-in microphone is positioned perfectly for normal conversation, and superior filtering technology blocks outside noise, so you sound clear and natural when you make a call. The headphone’s color palette complements today’s most popular champagne color schemes. Nue Voe has an easy-to-use 3-button control and built-in microphone. The control is contoured to fit your finger for intuitive audio and phone control. Polk does audio. 40 years of knowledge creates the best headphone experience by far. Forget “typical” headphones. Nue Voe makes a definite statement with extraordinary, sophisticated design. Nue Voe coordinates with your eyeglasses, belt, phone and bag. Nue Voe becomes an essential element of your personal style, an integral part of your “everyday carry.” We’ve made certain that even our style serves a greater purpose. The lightweight polymer resin used to form the outer headphone shell was chosen specifically for its superior audio damping properties. Its unique shape fits your outer-ear space with no rubbing, no awkwardness. Included are five pairs of custom molded silicone ear tips and two pairs of memory foam tips, each sized and shaped to ensure a match with your unique ears. The soft, supple material fits effortlessly, and feels smooth and agreeable inside your ear canal. Because they’re co-molded to the headphone shell’s ear tube, these tips retain their shape, and they are designed to enhance the Nue Voe’s inherent passive sound isolation with their seal. Each earpiece weighs less than half an ounce, about the same weight as a single poker chip or a tiny AAA battery. Nue Voe is one of the lightest high performance in-ear headphones available. Technical Specifications Style In-earTransducer Type Single balanced armatureInput Connections Gold-plated 3.5 mmIncluded Ear Tips 3 pairs silicone ear tips (S/M/L)2 pairs 3-flange silicone ear tips (S/L)2 pairs memory foam ear tips (S/L)Electrical Sensitivity 101 dBImpedance 32 OhmsFrequency Response (-3 dB) 10 Hz - 21.5 kHzWarranty 1 year parts and labor (original purchaser)Included Cables 48” lengthIncluded Accessories - Cloth bag, owners manual, quick start guide

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  1. ToastedWaffles
    "I find the sound to be rather on the warm side, but overall pleasant"
    Pros - Warm music, fair reproduction, large number of tips included,
    Cons - Not 100% accurate, fit may not suit smaller canals

    I bought these and a pair of AF45s on and immediately put the Af45s back in the box after hearing these.
    I bought a pair of NAD viso50's and find these are much more versatile and forgiving when paired with varied sources. Whereas the Polks sound very pleasant when paired with laptop, streaming spotify premium from my HTC M8 or even save me battery life while sounding just as good through the Fiio Q1 I just bought, The NAD's seem to be very revealing of whatever electronics you hook them up to by comparison.
    Reproduction is probably 90% of the NADs and the sound is just as intrinsic for me, if more so as they are slightly warmer.
    I think Polk did a great job on these and could be a bit overlooked, especially when on sale!
    I got them on a black friday sale and paid a third of retail, for this price though!
    As far as value, I would say they are three times better than the budget panasonic RPHJE120K
    I do not have much else to compare with at the moment,I will update when I get more playtime in them, thanks for reading.

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