Plantronics GameCom Open-Ear Gaming Headset with Full Range Stereo - GAMECOM 377

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  1. Armotekma
    "Not good."
    Pros - The microphone is OK.
    Cons - Terrible build quality, uncomfortable. Audio Control will break and you'll get static or no L/R.
    There's really nothing to say about them. The audio is bad, build quality terrible.
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  2. Unrealbr
    "Great 40mm cans!"
    Pros - Very good for gaming, microphone is awesome
    Cons - Mid-lows a bit bad
    Paid 100USD here in Brazil, it costs 50 in the US
    Ok so i needed a budget gaming headset and after some research i decided to go for this one.
    It's open ear so everyone can hear what i'm playing but i dont really care at home.

    I'd say it's pretty close to those 100+ USD gaming headsets.
    Cable could be a bit bigger and sometimes it'll pressure a bit under my ear.
    Great 40mm cans!