PL50 In-ear Headphones

General Information

PL50 in-ear earphones are the first armature product from Soundmagic.

Latest reviews

Pros: fit
Cons: sound
I love soundmagic e30's. They have a full, natural, dynamic balanced sound but these pl50, like several BA's I 've tried, just sound wrong. There is not nearly enough meat on the bone for my taste. I am not a basshead but c'mon, I need something to hang my proverbial hat on. An upwards eq did not work in my attempt to fill these out. The upper end was nice though and the size and fit spectacular. I must not be a balanced armature kinda guy but for those who are, these are probably a great value and worth a try
Pros: Cheapish
Cons: Terrible quality
These and the PL30 are terrible quality buds, I went through both of them in less than 8 months. Both times they failed they left me in an awkward position where I really needed earbuds for working. Thus I would rate these as highly undesirable as I prize reliability and quality most. 
I would not waste your time with these..
Highly disappointed
Pros: Mids and imaging, lovely vocal sounds
Cons: Not so much of the mainstream bassy sound
pl50s were actually my first pair of proper in-ears and I love them very much! There was one point when I was disappointed about its bass cause I got myself a pair of sennheiser hd202, but then little fiiO amp gave it life again
I like the comfort especially, wear them before sleep and often find myself tangled by the cable the next morning haha. They never break tho - unlike others said. I guess I am amongst the lucky users
OK something that might sound funny but definitely worth a try. Put the foam tips on oppositely, I read this in another forum. I want proof of this too but to me they sounded a lot better suprisingly! You HAVE TO TRY IT. then let me know how did it go
In general, very happy and proud of having the PL50s :)


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