Pioneer SE-MJ751I Steez 808 On Ear Dual Driver Stereo Headphones

General Information

Originally introduced for the dance market, the STEEZ brand epitomizes being able to feel the music and not just hear it. Since the desire to feel the beat goes way beyond dancers, Pioneer created these amazing headphones for a whole generation that wants pulse-pounding bass without compromising clear, quality sound. The STEEZ 808 headphones were designed with today's popular music in mind and also to meet today's functional needs. The STeez 808s headphones are iPod and iPhone friendly, so you can be listening to your music and then take a call, anywhere, anytime and carry on a conversation using the in-line mic with control. There is even a fully dedicated Bass Control dial that heightens the impact of beat producing instruments. Technically, here is why the STEEZ 808s can rock that much sound. These headphones have a two-way, dual driver design. Simply put, they have both a 30 mm driver for high/mid range and a 40mm driver for low range and that's in each earpiece. You'll be enveloped in sound from both sides. And best of all, the 808s are so comfortable; you can listen all day long.


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