Pioneer SE-MJ751

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  1. Mr Saphique
    "Not Pioneer at all"
    Pros - Detachable cable, Design
    Cons - Very tight fit, Dull sound, Cheap cable
    First off I'd like to say I only used them for a couple of days before sending them back.
    Based on the brand (Pioneer), positive reviews and it being on sale I deciced to buy it since I really loved the design.
    The design looks a lot like famous Beats by Dre Solo HD, only a little more shiny.
    The headphone's made of plastic but feels good, not cheap. It's a shiny dark blue which is nicely accented by the white cushions and cable. 
    The cushioning feels very soft, however when you put them on the headband is very tight which presses the cups a bit to tight on your ears. If you're wearing glasses these headphones get uncomfortable even painful after 10 minutes.
    These headphones are nicknamed (by Pioneer itself) 'Bass head' because your can adjust the driver for the bass with a button on the left cup. The effect of the button is really minimal and I actually had to turn it al the way up to get some decent bass out of it. 
    Looking a the frequency range and the fact that is has 2 drivers (30 and 40mm) and it being Pioneer I expected some nice clear sound. But instead I got really dull sound.
    Normally it's 89 euros, I got it for 49 euros and it's really worth neither. I would not recommend this headphone and was glad I could return it.