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Pioneer DJ HRM-6 Professional Studio Headphone has a newly designed 40 mm driver unit, which...

Pioneer DJ HRM-6 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

  • Pioneer DJ HRM-6 Professional Studio Headphone has a newly designed 40 mm driver unit, which accurately reproduces frequencies up to 40 kHz so you can hear every nuance of your tracks, while the bass reflex chamber in the housing gives excellent bass response. They’re comfortable even over long studio sessions thanks to a fully adjustable headband, memory foam ear pads and pivoting housings. The folding design, detachable cables and carry case mean they’re compact and portable.

Recent Reviews

  1. Blinxat
    Great all-rounder!
    Written by Blinxat
    Published Apr 18, 2017
    Pros - Very comfortable, smooth & non fatiguing, large soundstage, uncongested, fairly clear sounding
    Cons - maybe not enough extension for treble heads
    I ended up using the HRM-6 a lot more at home than any other headphone simply because it is so comfortable. Compared to the similarly priced M50X from audio-technica it is smoother sounding with less harsh upper mids and treble. It is not dark, just slightly rolled off up top. From bass to mids the vocals remain clear. The bass itself sounds "big" it is not overwhelming or too much at all, but rather enveloping. The drivers are angled and this headphone has a large soundstage for a closed headphone in my opinion.
    The only fault I can find is that the layering and imaging is not the best. The HRM-6 likes to present music as a coherent whole, it is not as sharp to pinpoint every instrument in the mix.
    For a studio can it is a fun toe tapper, staying faithful enough to the source.
    Pioneer DJ HRM-6 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
    Written by ILIRS CORNER
    Published Mar 26, 2017
    Pros - Design, Build Quality, Comfortable, and Sound Quality
    Cons - No Hard Shell case
    Pioneer really surprised me with the new release of the DJ HRM-6 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones. I've recently tried out seven headphones that are considered high end and they are, Hifiman Edition S, Ultrasone Performance 820, Sony MDR-1A, Fostex TR-90 250 ohm, Beyerdynamic DT880 All Black 250 ohm, Monolith M560, and Samson Z55 Headphones. Lets just say, the Pioneers are in my room, while the others are at the store.
    What you get in the box is actually pretty good. The Pioneer DJ HRM-6 comes with 3 different locking, removable cables (1 coiled and 2 straight). You also get a leather protective carrying pouch, 6.3 mm gold plated stereo jack and a manual.
                    1.2 m coiled cord (3 m extended length)
                        1.2 m straight cord (L-shaped plug)
                                  3 m straight cord
                 6.3 mm stereo jack (gold-plated, screw type)
                               Protective carrying pouch
    According to Pioneer, these headphones are pretty much covered in aluminium with a hint of plastic in some areas. Most of the headphones I have tried in the past have that cheap plastic feel, but these do not feel cheap at all. When you are adjusting the ear cups, it feels premium. The headband does not seem like it will break any time soon. Another great thing about these headphones is the cable in the sliding rails are covered up (Picture below).
    Studio headphones are usually not portable because they either do not fold properly or they do not come with some time of travel pouch or they do not come with a short cable. Most of the time, studio headphones look big and gaudy, but Pioneer folds properly, comes with a travel pouch, comes with a short 1.2 m cable, and it does not look big and gaudy when you have them on. The noise isolation is actually good, but it obviously does not come close to a noise canceling headphone like the Bose QuietComfort 35. I do wish there was a hard shell case rather then leather pouch, but I would still consider these headphones good for portable use.
    According to Pioneer, these headphones are equipped with thick memory foam ear pads that is covered up with leather. The headband is leather with good amount of padding and there is also good amount of clamping force. Overall, these headphones are amazingly comfortable.

    The sound quality is amazing because the highs, mids, lows, and bass do not disappoint at all. Let me start off by saying that I am REALLY sensitive to headphones with fatiguing highs and mids that are to foward. The beyerdynamics, Fostex, and Monolith that I have tried are fatiguing headphones. The highs are great on the Pioneer DJ HRM-6 because these headphones can really go high without being fatiguing. The mids are smooth and enjoyable to listen to without any pain. The vocals sound clean and accurate. The bass seems controlled without being loose. The amount of bass is perfect because it is not to much like the Sony MDR-1A and it is not flat like the Phillips SHP9500. The bass does not overpower the lows or mids which is a good thing. The lows seem to be just right and the soundstage is above average. I can listen to these headphones all day without any fatigue.

    At the end of the day, the Pioneer DJ HRM-6 are so close to perfection. These headphones would have been perfect if there was a hard shell flat case rather then a leather pouch. Other then that, I love these headphones because the sound quality, durability, design, comfort, and the amount of cables you get is perfect.
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    1. Sonic Defender
      This sounds like an interesting and nice headphone. I'm not sure you can call those other headphones high-end per say, they are all on the affordable side of things for sure, but that doesn't mean they aren't nice, just not really high-end IMO. Cheers, and thanks for bringing this headphone to my attention.
      Sonic Defender, Mar 27, 2017
      haha that is true, around $200 is not really high end. Thanks for the comment and your welcome!
      ILIRS CORNER, Apr 5, 2017


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