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Made to fit you and your lifestyle. Ear cushions improve wearing comfort and bass response....

Philips SHP5400

  • Made to fit you and your lifestyle. Ear cushions improve wearing comfort and bass response. Lightweight design improves comfort for prolonged use.
    Always ready. Single-sided cable reduces tangling and improves comfort
    The perfect listening experience. The whole ear is covered to optimise sound quality. 40mm speaker driver delivers sound without distortion. You'll forget you're wearing them! Comfort is enhanced for long-term use. Ultra-soft headband cushions for supreme wearing comfort

Recent Reviews

  1. Star2806
    Very good clarity
    Written by Star2806
    Published Feb 20, 2014
    Pros - clarity, speed of bass/mids, wide soundstage, balanced sound
    Cons - Very slightly lacking in bass quantity
    Build quality
    Well built for the price, the cloth ear covers can get a bit worn in places. 
    Sound quality
    Tight and defined bass that extends quite deep, clear, defined mids, slightly prominent lower treble, treble well extended and very clear.  Overall quite neutral in sound signature.  Soundstage is wide and airy.  These are better than the Grado sr60 beating them in soundstage and clarity, except for very slightly less bass.  Not too different to the bigger Philips hp890s, but again, not quite as much bass.  Value for money is really really good!  Paid £13 for them on ebay uk.
  2. ilia7777
    Philips SHP5400/5401
    Written by ilia7777
    Published Dec 8, 2010
    Pros - Very light, super comfortable, very well defined and balanced bass
    Cons - Cable is thin, all plastic build, slight distortion across frequency range
    This is very cheap headphone so I didn't expect much from it and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The design is great, its extremely light, super comfortable on the ears, you literally don't feel it.For $40 dollars Philips couldn't afford to spent a lot on the material, so the headphone is all plastic with thin cable which is obviously a weak spot. The cable is 2 meters long and comes with adapter (not gold plated)
    Bass: even compared to very expensive headphones I would rank it very high, the bass is soft, very well balanced, very well defined and doesn't seem to distort mids and highs. Exceptional bass handling. Big surprise. Philips claims to use some kind of special technology to produce this type of bass.
    Mids: this is the typical weak spot of any cheap audio gear. I would rate the mids 4 out of 5 but this is only because I compare it to some expensive headphones, overall mids are balanced and quite present.
    Highs: from the highs perspective the headphone is a little bit on the bright side but by no means it makes you tired like with Grado. 
    Overall I have to say that the sound is very balanced, soft and pleasant, you can listen to them for long time without feeling tired. What surprises me the most is that this headphone is equally good for all types of music. Believe it or not but for Rock/Heavy Metal I prefer it over my other 5-6 times more expensive headphones. I rank it very high in cheap headphone category It has just right amount of everything for casual listening in the office.
    Burn in: at least 60-70 hours of burn in required,  otherwise you would hear distortion across frequency range. But after the burn in you will fall in love with it.


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