Philips SHP 2000 - Headphones


Pros: Great sound quality for the price, quite comfortable, fairly neutral sounding.
Cons: Semi open and no audible sound stage, Questionable build quality, hard to power with some mobile device.
This is my first review on this website for the Philips SHP2000.
These headphones sound amazing with any genre of music. I prefer to listen to EDM and these headphones sure does a good job as monitors because I use them to master my music.
Build Quality
I had these for 3 years and 2 parts of the headband have broke. Of course it could be me, carrying these around in my bag when I took them to college, but still, most of it was made of plastic. The headband is made of just plastic, the driver housing is made of plastic, and everything else is made of plastic. For a price, that is acceptable. The cable is roughly 2m, making these a good for indoor use, even though I used them outdoor sometimes. At the end, there is a 3.5" connector that is too large to fit in an iPhone case but works well with other devices. The cable is covered with more plastic but at least it can handle bending.
When I bought them and unboxed them to start using right away, these really felt very comfortable. The cloth earpads really didn't cause my ears to sweat and heat up and I really liked that. The headband didn't annoy me at all even though there is no padding, and I had no problem listening to them for extended periods of time. The only thing that annoyed me was the shape of the ear pads. Otherwise, very comfortable, it just annoys me when it touches my jaw as it feels like the headphones are misplaced. Rotating the ear cups to how you want it should solve that issue.
Sound Quality
These are not the best basshead headphones or the best treble screamers but I have to say that the highs stand out a little bit more then the bass. The bass quantity when using it with a computer is really good. I felt that it was quieter with my mobile device, when listening to music. The bass also has that nice deep, clean sounding sub bass, making it great for movies and, sort of, gaming. The mids are quite relaxed and nice sounding. I can hear the vocals clearly and they don't sound recessed at higher volumes. The high are better then what I expected. I thought it was going to be muffled and it will be rubbish, and that what I was hearing for the first few days. They needed burn in, but I just played music at moderate volume and the highs opened a lot. The highs do get a little bit siblant at some points of tracks I listen to but they don't cause way to much ear fatigue, unlike what I have been hearing with the Ultrasones.
I think these are great headphones if you don't want to spend too much money for some good sounding HiFi headphones and use them indoors. I suggest buying them for your collection.
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Theo Sudarja
Theo Sudarja
I've read in specsheet SHP2000 listed as an Open Back headphones. Is it?
Because I don't find any opening.
They are semi-open. It's hard to spot the open parts but there is a ring which has slits for the air to go in and escape.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Good sound, Good bass, Lightweight
Cons: Might not be suitable for noisy environments
I am genuinely surprised by these headphones! They have better sound than most of the headphones that are triple the price. Comparing them to headphones in the same price range isn't even a contest. Very comfortable to wear as they are "over ear" type, and have a nice suede-like cushions, rather than sweaty vinyl ones. Also they are very light and not tiring to wear at all. I find the sound very good even without an EQ, maybe the highs are a bit quiet but that's easy to fix.They definitely are not headphones for the street/train etc. I am using them in the office as i am working - that means that some days i listen to 6-7 hours with them - with the headphones i had before i wouldn't be able to listen to more than half an hour, maximum one hour of music. I think that says a lot about the ergonomic qualities of the headphones.
I once paid 10 euro (11 dollar) for them! If I could find them for that price again.... The mids are a bit recessed but if that doesnt bother you they are a great bargain. Like mine too a lot.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Good bass, Comfortable
Cons: Low sound on mobile phones
These are very good for indoor use, if you are going to plug them into a desktop or a laptop then I suggest you to buy it. The sound is low when you plug them in a mobile phones, if you use them with an amplifier they will sound loud and you will feel bass like you have a 40mm sub in your ears :)