Philips SHJ047/27 AirPad Headband Headphones (White)

General Information

Nike SHJ047 Headphones, by Philips, feature the new Nike AirPad cushions. AirPad is designed with soft ear cushions and extra large ventilation holes, which provide a superb cushioning and cooling effect. The AirPad design fits comfortably in your ear, allowing you to move freely without worrying about having to continually adjust your headphones. They have a slim, lightweight stainless steel headband that provides a comfortable fit that is ideal for long listening sessions. These headphones have a 1.2-meter (close to 4 feet) cable, giving you the freedom to wear your audio device where it fits comfortably. The drivers are designed with a neodymium magnet to enhance bass performance and sensitivity for great sound.


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