Philips SHE9700

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Dynamic IEM (in-ear monitor) from Philips

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Pros: Excellence deep punching bass (feels like there's built in sub-woofer) with high definition clarity on mid and treble. Comfort to use in a long run.
Cons: The right monitor somehow died after one year of usage. Broke in two parts as the glue in its case wore off in time.
This IEM is definitely the best bang for the buck! Basshead person should purchase it without a doubt. Even it's higher brother, Philips SHE9800 didn't able to match the sound quality of this IEM! :D
It produced very deep punching bass and high definition clarity on mid and treble. It feels like you have your own built in sub-woofer inside this IEM! Comfort to use in a long run, but not designed to use when sleeping though. Love the asymmetric gold coated cable, you could hang it out on your neck while not using.
Playing David Guetta - Nothing but The Beat and Korn - Live and Rare, you'll get a jaw dropping sound quality for the more advanced deep bass and clearer wide fidelity compared to Philips SHE3580!
Tested on PC using Foobar app with Home Theater equalizer preset.
Tested on Samsung Galaxy Nexus using stock Google Play Music app with this equalizer preset:
  • set it to Flat preset
  • turn off the bass boost and 3d effect
  • tune the 230Hz two levels down
  • tune the 910Hz three levels down
  • tune the 4KHz two levels down
  • tune the 14Khz one levels down
Somehow the right monitor died after one year usage and the both of right and left cases broke in two as the glue which hold the pieces together wore off in time. Perhaps the culprit here was because I often used it while sleeping. I replaced it with the same Philips SHE9700 right away and to avoid the above issues, I never use it again when sleeping. Hehe
Overall, very satisfied with the purchase. I even consider to buy another one for backup. You should try it out! :)
Here's what Dsnuts, Joe Bloggs, james444, and others' point of view regarding this amazing IEM.
Dsnuts did find that SHE5105 was another variant of SHE9700 with mic, better cable management, and almost had the same sound signature though using different housing.
basshead IEM with clarity? You need to get these on the Discovery page and Asian/Chinese IEM forums.


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