Extra-quality speakers that deliver rich, deep bass, and crystal clear sound. An integrated cable...

Philips SHE8000/28 In-Ear Headphone (Black/Red)

  • Extra-quality speakers that deliver rich, deep bass, and crystal clear sound. An integrated cable relief withstands pulling for durability, non-slip grip for easy fit. Extra-soft hybrid silicon caps for long-lasting comfort.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ezio
    Best IEM's for $5!!!!!
    Written by Ezio
    Published Jul 13, 2013
    Pros - Bass!, Clarity!, Soundstage!
    Cons - None because of the price.
    These IEM's arent the greatest. But these ARE the greatest for $5!! Seperation is great, Clarity is great, Detail is great! Bass is superb! Doesnt muddle out the highs and mids. This is the best buds that ive had for just $5!
    A reminder, these arent audiophile IEM's, but because if the price, they are probably the best IEM's out there!
  2. Sten
    Philips SHE8000 review
    Written by Sten
    Published Nov 24, 2012
    Pros - Good sound, Very Comfortable
    Cons - Build Quality
    (Note: I am just a beginer)
    When my Klipsch S4 was stolen, my sister broke my SOUNDMAGIC PL-30, my Urbanearz Bagis broke all of a sudden, and my Skullcandy Smokin' Buds lost, I had to buy another pair of buds to satisfy my ears. As I look at the earphones they have in the store, I happened to see the Philips SHE8000 that offered noise isolation. I bought it and tried it on.
    Build quality
    My first impression was, "I hope it doesn't break within 6 months." It seems really fragile and easy to break. Then again, my Klipsch(really fels like it would easily break) lasted longer than the Bagis(had cloth tocover the wires).
    Sound quality and Comfort
    For me, they sound better than the Bagis and Smokin' Buds but not as good as the Klipsch. Probably as good as the PL-30. It provides you with a powerful bass (but not bass heavy). The mids are good and so are the trebles. It really is comfortable to wear. I've been wearing them for 3 hours  and I my ears don't feel tired.
    Better isolation than the Smokin Buds' but not as good as what the S4 and PL-30 offers. When I first tried it, I could hear the people around me, but after tweaking it around my ear (as said in the manual) I could hardly hear a thing.
    Overall and Value
    Overall I think these buds really are worth it. If you want a descent sounding buds that offers isolation, I think you should take them


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