Philips SHE6000/28 In-Ear Headphones Surround Sound (Black)

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Philips In-Ear Headpones Surround Sound SHE6000/28 Black

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Loud
Cons: Sound quality, comfort
This is my first review here.
I bought those "gems" today. After some hours of burn-in I tried them with great expectations as I already had a Philips older model that I found not perfect but at least easy to listen. Well, don't believe what people on Amazon say, this unit is a big big stay away.
Simple, but looks good, the 12hz-22khz mark promises much. Comes with a nice bag to store it in, and some rubber plugs to fit all ear sizes, for me the second small one worked the best.
Bad. As simple as that. The rubber thingies are not made of that well known thin material but rather thick, and that comes to discomfort immediately. You can't insert them to your ears exactly right, and even if you push push push for some time they are just trying to shape your ear canal to their own shape. I'd get headache in an hour for sure. You'll never experience the "it's not even there" feeling here for sure. I'd say comfort is 1 on a 10 scale.
The sound is playing in the league of chinese crap that you can pick up at a few bucks at any store. Maybe sounds better than a few percent of those, but does a good job on getting close. The bass rolls of at about 40hz, don't expect any sub bass tones at all. It also extends pretty high and would render higher tones dull in case there would be anything else then shouting mids. Take a reguler landline phone, imagine the sound coming from it extended with some bass and that's what you get. Shouty mids and almost no high end. I'd say highs end at about 12khz at best. To all of that add that it really sounds all tones are cming from a box. Clarity? Depth? Positioning? These are unknown here... I am very very dissatisfied. Surround sound? Coming from where? It can't even play simple music with normal quality.
If they'd give this away free with MP3 players this would be the unit I'd suggest to replace immediately, as you get better sound with almost any other option. I do not recommend this under any circumstances. I am really close to throw this in a trashcan keeping the worlds most expensive headphone carry bag only, that looks usable.


New Head-Fier
Hi everyone
-- This is my first review and I know it could be done a lot better --
Last week I purchased these Philips SHE-6000 in-ears. The main reason for this is that I recently got an iPod and my Nokia in-ears (WH-205) didn't work with it, and on the go I do prefer in-ears to a full-sized headphone.
Also, they were meant as a temporary solution, I needed them and was not willing to spend 100+ Euros for earphones without doing some research before.
Packaging was ok, nothing spectacular except for the "Surround Sound" and "Reflective Speaker" mentions. Could be good, could be bad.
It contained the earphones, 4 sets of earplugs, a fabric carrying pouch and that's it.

First impressions/comfort:
I quite liked the design, with that sort of speaker-shape on the back. The cable was a bit thin but didn't look like it was going to break that easily. The 3.5mm jack was gold-plated, and the wide variety of plug sizes could suit virtually any ear. Unlike the driver housing. For me they were pushing against a part of my ear, making them uncomfortable after half an hour of use. Trying the different earplug sizes did not help.
Sound is really "how it sounds to me" and therefore is only an opinion, I don't claim I am right in what I say. So it's really my impression, nothing more, nothing less. I do try be as objective as I can, comparing to gear I have and know.
Since I got them to use with the iPod, that is what I connected them to.
So I played some music. And was very disappointed. Very. For five seconds it sounded ok, until vocals got involved. They sounded very muffled and distant. For a second I thought the buds were broken or the cable not properly inserted. Neither of these and yes, that's how they sounded. I tried out many more tracks and sources, and let them burn in during a few nights, but that didn't solve anything.
  1. Bass: Lots of it, but I don't mind earphones which are a little bass-heavy. Plus they're in-ears and I did expect a fairly high amount of bass. Although, basses did sound strange, not rounded en "full" but rather confused.
  2. Midrange and vocals: Dull. Empty. Thin, are the words that came to my mind. Voices sounded muffled and far away, very nasal sometimes. In music I do concentrate on vocals mainly, they somehow catch my attention. With these earbuds I just didn't like what I heard.
  3. Treble: Sounded ok I guess. Not too much to say here, highs were detailed and clear, nothing mind-blowingly good but not bad either.
They went back to where I bought them. That says it all, I believe. Even considering they were kinda cheap (25 Euros) and supposed to last a few months only, I just couldn't keep them. Comfort issues wouldn’t bother me if the sound was really-really good but… No.
I got an exchange at the store, and for 5 Euros more I now have the TDK EB900’s. Which I will probably review too.
PS: English is not my main language, I’m very sorry about the grammar and spelling mistakes.


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