Philips SHE3680 Headphones, Wired


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  1. suman134
    was one of my favorite budger phone .
    Written by suman134
    Published Aug 28, 2014
    Pros - good bass , nice spark and easy going sound .
    Cons - none for me .
     get one if you can , come with a small plastic carry case too and about SQ its a 3580 with a bit more forward mids and smaller bass . bass is as deep as 3580 , nice detail , good mids , vocals are not most enjoyable but what can you ask for this price ? instruments are there thankfully if not clearly separable its good enough , sound stage is okay , nice highs though , a bit grainy but good energy and details for its price , not spiky like Brainwavz delta but then delta is a better sounding phone .
     good day guys , enjoy .
  2. rainy nights
    tiny bassy lady
    Written by rainy nights
    Published Apr 8, 2012
    Pros - cheap, very cheap
    Cons - not so detailed, too much bass for easy listening
    I bought this one 'cause I was pretty curious after all the claim about the new philips babies. Little disappointed but for the price I cannot complain. Not so clean mids, a bit of sibilance and bass-oriented IEM. Tiny bassy lady i ave to say.
    1. Parall3l
      Too much bass? Odd. Mine had too little bass.
      Parall3l, Apr 9, 2012


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