Philips SHD9200

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  1. Dunc
    "really really amazingly BAD"
    Pros - comfortable; good wireless range
    Cons - they sound awful.
    I'm usually a huge supporter of upper end Philips gear. I think they are a great company that have produced some great things - I have on of their 4 grand  21:9 tv's hanging on my wall - I'm not a Philips basher.
    But these headphones are unbelieveably bad. Think: truly awful - then make them worse and your probably not even close to how bad they sound.
    Nicely built, great range, awful grainy, siblant horrible dirty sound. Outperformed by a set of £30 wired Sennheisers.
    after buying them, I boxed them up and put them in a cupboard. I recently took them out and tried again - nope, every bit as bad as I remembered. It's rare to encounter a product that ruins your pleasure of music, but these really are that bad. Add in the fact that they cost the best part of a couple of hundred quid and it just adds insult to their siblance and grain.
    They are dismal when fed a digital signal and using their internal DAC to create sound. Perhaps marginally better when fed from the analogues of my TDA1541 crown dac.
    My only recomendation is to avoid these phones.
    They really are that bad.

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