Philips O'Neill SHO9560/28 Over-Ear Headphones (Black Bordeaux)

General Information

Dynamic 40 mm drivers deliver deep dynamic bass for powerful sound; super stretch headband provides enhanced durability & cable stress relief to prevent breakage; includes tough tangle-free cable & reinforced connectors; features sound-isolating super-soft ear cushions for supreme comfort ; auto-fit cushioned headband provides high-definition sound

Latest reviews

Pros: Comfortable, Light, Looks nice
Cons: Too much bass sometimes even for my taste, creaking in fabric headband
These are the rugged headphones Phillips and the surfing brand O'Neil have come up with.
These fit pretty well on my head, the ear pads are really soft they adjust to the perfect spot on me, the fabric headband is OK there's a plastic band that goes through it (it makes the creaking noise when you first put it on) other wise they are really comfortable. and they are really light (lighter than my iphone 3g)
The Philips Stretch have 40mm Drivers and are 32ohms, they are really bass heavy, i can hear the bass guitar and the drums really well more than i can hear the highs if you listen to anything bass oriented try these. the mids and highs are somewhat drowned out by the bass but that just might be me, i heard that you can take the fabric in front of the drivers off and the mids/highs will be alot better but I'm not gonna try this...yet. these have some holes in the housings (three 4mm ones an the bottom and two 2mm ones at each hinge where the headband connects to the housings. 
These seem like very durable headphones just the simplicity of them and the few parts make them durable. the super stretch nylon is stretchy and holds its shape really well (if I'm right the same plastic is used in tooth brush bristles, just to give you an idea) the fabric headband is stretchy also because of two plastic bands go inside of it and conforms to the shape of your head (those plastic parts in the fabric headband creak a bit) the Stretch headphones are dual coated with paint (the black on the housings turn to dark magenta) the semi detectable cable comes in hand when putting these away and for a few "oh crap" moments when the cable catches on something. and the nylon cables are a promising sign of cable durability. if the cable near the housings die ill probably do a full detachable cable job on these. 
These isolate very well i cant hear people talking or the TV at 1/3 the volume and i can turn these up full blast and people have to be within a good 5 inches of my head to faintly hear them.
i bought these headphones on amazon for $33 i got them Oct.13th 2012 the model number is SHO9560 i got the UN-mic'd version my previous pair of headphones were the Skull candy Titans, these sound a lot more bass heavy them them and highs aren't exactly there, these do a really good job of isolating i run these UN-amped from my iphone 3g (yes that dinosaur of a phone) the bass is overwhelming sometimes but if you listen to dub-step in these these will be good for you (i listen to mostly pop, metal and rock) 
Mods To Come
-Strip fabric in front of drivers to bring out mids/highs
-Turn these into a fully detectable headphone
-EQ (alot)
-Buy a mic to make these a nice headset for games 
*if you are successful in any of these mods or want me to clarify anything in the review feel free to comment.
EQ can help some with the highs and mids. It won't make them awesome headphones, but it makes them decent. best thing about them is they are tough enough to throw in a backpack without having to worry about them.
True. im going to experiment with some basic EQing throughout the next week or so. also when i turn the highs and mids up using EQ i get some sylibis (high pitched crackling sound) i think they need burned in a bit more (i got them saturday evening) i dont know if im turning the EQ settings too high or these can only reproduce bass and mids without problem.right now im running them un-amped through my old iphone. im not sure if spending an extra $30 or so bucks on an amp would be worth it.
Ok i finally fixed the creaking headband, i put powdered graphite (from a pencil and a knife) so i pushed the fabric headband all the way to one side and found the two plastic strips and i put a little bit of graphite between them and the creaking stopped :)


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