Philips in-Ear Headphones Crystal Sound SHE9620/28 (Rose Gold)

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Philips in-Ear Headphones Crystal Sound SHE9620/28 Rose Gold

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Pros: Accuracy, range, solid but not boomy bass, airy top end, only a touch of sparkle
Cons: they're Pink. And, bass production is very sensitive to position in ear canal. Not for the workout crowd.
Reposting my original review from - these headphones are just too good to be left in the dustbin of history - for instance, I just bought a pair of Monoprice MEP-933, listed everywhere (including here) as perhaps the best value in low cost IEMs today - just put them up against these Philips Crystal Sounds, and, while it was a great fight, the Philips were a touch cleaner, with a broader soundstage, and a touch more bass without loss of accuracy. (the Monoprice was broken in for about 24hrs, , plus I used the large tips provided, so they may still get better, in which case I'll revisit this)  in the meantime, the Philips were still superior to my ear - they continue to make more out of less than anything I've heard, and still treat high resolution with grace...
From Amazon:
These IEMs are called Philips "Crystal Sound" SHE-9620, and they are plain magic. I stumbled across them on clearance at Marshalls for $10 (!), and checked the specs - they come with surprisingly upscale tech, such as oxygen-free copper wires, CCAW voice coils, contoured ear settings, smaller drivers (speed, not size matters for IEMs) and, most important in my mind, sealed housings, not ported. This makes for extremely accurate reproduction. I have two test harnesses - a Droid X2 running FLAC files, and a Sandisk Clip 8GB using either 16 bit FLAC or 320 kbps MP3.
Do NOT be put off by their looks (sort of pink sheen) - they are quite comfortable, and come with several soft silicone ear sets.They are sensitive to ear canal positioning, but once you've got it right, it pays off in both comfort and quality.
These are airy, extremely accurate (but not tinny) highs, tight bass, virtually without boom or resonance. AND, most shockingly, drop-dead clear vocal/midrange to die for, no fuzz, no muffle. I keep putting these up against value bud after value bud, and it simply slays them all - JVC Marshmallows, Vmoda Vibes, Panasonics, JBuds, Sony's, Skullcandy's - even other Philips (most are nowhere near this set BTW). The closest quality I've come across is my mighty Koss Portapros, value champs by any measure, and these Philips are STILL better - tighter bass, without a hint of "runaway", and they image just as well, with a slightly airier top end. Portapros are a warmer sound, and might be a tad more comfortable, but that just depends on whether you like buds or over ear phones. Under $50 bucks (my budget limit) there is simply nothing which I've heard that can best these - and I'm too cheap to go higher! If you can find a pair, they are worth every penny, and are the closest I've found to true mid-fidelity IEMs, at trash-bud prices. If you can find them, TRY them - you will be shocked by their sound quality. There are certainly better, but I haven't found 'em for under $50 bucks.
Pros: every thing with this is pro , just the size is a bit big .
Cons: size , its a bit big and falls while walking .
theres no review and sadly this is on the verge of getting off the sleeves , cuz new batch of cans are coming out , must have to say its the best budget earphones i have ever have .
package is good , low is deep and big , mid is present too , high is better , sound stage is there too . the cable is nice , cans also looks good , microphonics is a bit bothering . looks good with transparent cable , gift it to your female partner , she will love it .
buy it now cuz you might miss it soon  .


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