Philips GoGear Muse 16 GB MP3 Video Player with Month of Rhapsody Music and Free Audible Audiobook (Black)

General Information

Philips GoGear Muse portable AV player features FullSound technology and noise cancellation headphones for exceptional sound and inspired music enjoyment on the go. Plus, viewing videos is a joy on its 3" Wide-QVGA color display.

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Pros: soundquality, speakers, stylish exterior
Cons: fragile
I was looking for a handy mp3 with best soundquality. I looked around and saw a couple brands i was looking into. I finally saw a youtube clip with a guy pluging in his philips Ariaz into his stereoset with an expensive amp and I could hear the quality was superb. So i looked at the price for philips gogear players and saw that I could get the cheapest model for about 1/4 price of the Muse and the Aria for 2/3. I settled on the expensive Muse hoping it had the extras and better interface with the touch screen. Costing 170 USD here. 
I got it working and it was amazingly good. The pros are the sound, the speakers that resonate perfect with the aluminium exterior giving it a high trancy tone (bassy songs and rock wont play good with this) The touch screen works fine (I will not risk taking it up when its -10 to -30celsius since even nokia phones break then). You can watch pictures and perhaps video clips (not really experimented with it). I loaded 2000-3000 pictures on the flash and I noticed it was not a good idea. On the other hand its bugy and the flash drive gets corrupt and will not play radio in the speakers. Fragile shell and I dont recommend droping it. It has survived me for a couple months which is a great feat. It still works and i have still not formated it yet. I recommend the Muse mainly for the sound, the speakers and the slideshow of pictures. It has acceptable UI, interface and batterytime. It can also record radio, I think it only records radio no dictaphone. Im using sennheiser 407 with it and Im very happy with it looking forward to test a phiaton headphone with it someday though they seem only to be sold in UK and US.
Better sound quality than the Cowon J3?


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