Philips Fidelio X2

  1. Kel Ghu
    By far the best value amongst all headphones.
    Written by Kel Ghu
    Published Aug 9, 2015
    Pros - Well-balanced warm fun. Deep and powerful bass for open cans. Detailed highs. Fairly wide soundstage. Comfortable. Easy to drive. Best value ever.
    Cons - Bright at high volume. Mids might sound not forward enough at first. Female voices can sound artificial sometimes.
    This is not the absolute best money can buy, but it is the best value amongst all existing headphones in my opinion. As always, it is a matter of taste. But this one is just exactly what I was looking for: Detailed open cans with fun and tight bass for my computer. It's not a neutral sounding headphone, so if that is what you're looking for, look elsewhere and I mean it. If you want warm, emotional and fun, this is it! 
    It kind of combine the best from my K701, HD650 and my Edition 9. From my K701, it has a wide soundstage without being too airy along with its nice detailed highs. From the HD650, it has the warmer sound signature I love, but without being laid-back. And from my Edition 9, the punchy and fast bass, but without being as overpowered like them. Unfortunately, at high volume, it can sound bright like my Edition 9, something I really can't stand. But I never listen at high volume, so it's just perfectly at the limit of what sounds bright to me. A very weak point is female voices can get artificial on some occasions, something in the high mids does that, but they sound really good for everything else. Very engaging headphones, they are very good to get immerse in movies and video games. Not neutral for sure, but extremely well-balanced and fun.
    Of course, one can find better headphones that cost over a thousands, but have to be paired with expensive amplifiers. This one stands out as being self-reliant. Easy to drive, it sounds wonderful even on an iPhone. I love them so much that I decided my quest for full-size headphones was over and sold all my other home headphones and amplifiers. Yes, these made me quit or, should I say, retire from the audiophile madness. :p
    Still need to find my perfect custom IEM though... :D
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  2. peter123
    Amazing value!!!
    Written by peter123
    Published Jun 3, 2015
    Pros - Sound, build, comfort and design
    Cons - Stock cable a bit long and it doesn't make me coffee
    The Philps Fidelio X2 was purchased by me and I’m not in any way affiliated with Philips.
    The Philips Fidelio X2 is Philips top of the line full size open headphones. I picked up my pair about five months ago and thought it was about time to post a review on them.
    Built and accessories:
    The Fidelio X2’s features 50 mm neodymium drivers in a fully open back design.
    First impression when opening the box was very positive. The package felt exclusive and the headphones themselves feel very premium. Materials like real leather, aluminum, steel and pads filled with memory foam makes them both look and feel premium. I’ve got a couple of other mid-fi cans as well (SR325is. Q701, DT880) and none of them has the same feeling of quality as the X2’s.
    Regarding the pads they’re detachable and said to be user replaceable but since Philips still doesn’t provide any spare pads I think it’s better to think of the pads as not replaceable. I really think it’s a shame that Philips didn’t add the pads to their line up the day they started to sell the X2’s.
    Although the weigh as much as 380 grams they don’t feel heavy at all and I can use them for hours without any discomfort. I’ve got a very small head but I’ve got no problem wearing these for several hours. Initially the pads felt a bit stiff but after heavy usage for several months they’re now extremely comfortable and the pads seem to hold their shape really well.
    The included cable is 3 meter long and terminated with 3,5mm plugs in both ends. Although the cable itself is pretty nice I swapped it for a shorter one almost immediately because I prefer a shorter one for comfort reasons.  I think Philips should have included a shorter cable and an extension cable instead for better flexibility.
    Included accessories are limited to the 3 m long cable, a 3.5 to 6.5mm adapter and a shirt clip.
    The Specs:
    Frequency response
    35 Ohm
    Maximum power input
    500 mW
    100 dB @ 1mW
    Speaker diameter
    3m 3.5mm to 3.5mm

    I've used the Fidelio X2’s for well over 200 hours. I’ve used it with my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, FiiO X3, FiiO X3/Bluebird 6.0 combo, AQ Dragonfly/Cayin C5 combo, Geek Out 720 and Geek Out 720 combined with Matrix M-stage/Schiit Magni/Little Dot I+/Cayin C5. They’ve performed very well with all of the above but my favorite combination is the one with the Geek Out 720 and Matrix M-stage.
    I’ve also used them quite a bit with Yamaha RX-A810 receiver watching movies and TV shows on late evenings and that’s also worked very well. I’ve also tried listening to music with them through the Yamaha and this just sound OK, a bit too boomy bass for my preference this way probably due to a quiet high output impedance o the receiver.
    Demo list:
    Mark Knopfler – Sailing to Philadelphia
    Røyksopp (Feat.Susanne Sundfør) – Save Me
    Ane Brun – These Days
    Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana
    Alice in Chains – Them Bones
    The Peter Malick Group – Immigrant
    Eva Cassidy – Songbird
    Thomas Dybdahl – A Lovestory
    Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why
    Celldweller – Unshakeable
    Jack Johnson – Better Together
    Seinabo Sey – Younger (Kygo remix)
    Dire Straits- So Far Away
    Passenger – Let Her Go
    Morrissey – Earth Is the Loneliest Planet
    The overall sound signature on the Fidelio X2’S is full and well balanced with a small hump in the bass region. Although the X2’s are a full sounding headphone it still offers great clarity and details and there’s no sign of muddiness in the presentation.
    Soundstage width is good even for a full size open headphone while depth and imaging in very good and probably one of, if not the, strongest parts in the way the X2’s sound.
    The bass is probably the first thing one notice when listening to the X2’s. It’s very present and impactful for an open headphone. The bass is focused on the lower notes and only on very rare occasions does the bass get boomy and leaks into the midrange. The bass has very good layering and feels well controlled and integrated with the rest of the sound. I consider myself very sensitive to bass bleed and the X2’s really manage to stay just in line with what I can accept except with some very few albums/songs that’s recorded with a high bass presence (Jack Johnson’s “Better together” is an example of such a recording) being the “rare occasions” mentioned above.
    The midrange doesn’t feel neither recessed nor up front but there’s a slight lift in the lower mids that makes the transaction from the lows smooth and overall sound smooth and full. Coming from something like one of the AKG 70X siblings  the mids might feel recessed initially but once you adapt to the sound of the X2’s it just feels right. I really love my mids and it’s my impression that the X2’s delivers in every way in this area.
    The treble is well controlled and in good balance with the rest of the frequencies. I’ve read reports about both grain and sibilance in the treble but fortunately this isn’t something my ears are not able to hear at all and if anything I could do with slightly more treble presence. That being said extension is very good and I’m not missing anything there.
    Fidelio X2 vs AKG Q701:
    Compared to the Fidelio X2 the Q701 has a pretty similar soundstage in both depth and width. The midrange (especially the higher mids)  on the Q’s is  more forward while overall sound is less full and bass impact and presence is also lower. The hump in the higher mids/lower highs gives the Q’s an overall brighter and more airy presentation, they’ve also have got more treble presence while treble extension is pretty similar.
    While both headphones uses velour pads only the X2’s uses memory foam inside and this makes them more comfortable to wear for longer sessions. I also think that the self-adjusting headband on the X2’s does a better job keeping them in place although they weigh over 50% more. The X2’s also feels more solid in overall construction while the Q’s are a bit “plastic fantastic”.  
    Although the 62Ohm/93dB Q701’s are notorious for needing a lot of power they actually don’t need much more volume on the M-stage to reach the same listening level (11 vs 12 o’clock on the volume pot).
    Fidelio X2 vs Grado SR325is:
    Compared to the Fidelio X2 the Grado’s has a smaller soundstage width and lose out in depth as well. The midrange on the Grado’s is  more forward while overall sound is less full and bass impact (especially sub-bass) and presence is also  lower. The overall presentation of the Grado’s is more intimate, brighter and with more treble presence ending up in a feeling of better clarity.
    I’ve always found the comfort on the stock Grado’s to be terrible due to the combination of the weight of the housings and my small head. I’m also not particular found of on ears so I’ve modded my 325is with a HD650 head pad and some OEM velour pads and in this configuration I’d say that comfort is about equal between the two. The construction on the Grado’s is very simple but the material is also very good so I’d say that build quality is also equal on the two.
    At 32Ohm/98dB the SR325is are rated very similar to the X2’s and that also shows in practice where I use them with the volume pot in the same place for both.

    Fidelio X2 vs Fischer Audio FA-011:
    The FA-011 was a revelation as an open headphone with great bass impact a couple of years ago. Compared to the X2’s they’ve got less sub bass and more mid-bass and also lose out in bass quality. They’ve got a much smaller soundstage in both depth and width and honestly are outclassed sonically by the X2’s.
    Comfort is very good on both although the stock pads on the FA-011’s very thin so I’ve replaced them with some HiFiMAN velour pads and that works really well. I really love the wood housing of the FA-011’s but apart from that the construction is flimsy and gives a cheap feeling so overall build quality is definitely better on the X2’s.
    At 160 Ohm/98dB the FA-011 are quite a bit harder to drive compared to the X2.
    While the Fidelio X2 is not the headphone for someone preferring a cold “neutral” sound I honestly don’t find it to be particular warm either but rather full and natural sounding.
    The fact that they sound great out of any source and with any kind of music makes them the best all round headphone I’ve ever owned and I get a bit scared when thinking about what it’ll cost me to move up to a significantly better sound. Luckily I’m in no hurry for that since I still fully enjoy the Fidelio X2’s and expecting to do so for a long time still.  
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    2. neilmanalo
      can someone compare these to the he 400i? 
      neilmanalo, Apr 18, 2016
    3. LajostheHun
      The X2 mates real well with the TEAC UD -301 DAC/Amp FYI...........
      LajostheHun, May 23, 2016
    4. JediMa70
      Very nice review, plus I agree  100% , the only thing I dont like is the stock cable that I've replaced 
      JediMa70, Apr 11, 2017
  3. Zulkr9
    A star contender in the mid-fi category
    Written by Zulkr9
    Published Mar 31, 2015
    Pros - Soundstage, Imaging, Bass, mids, Has a very organic and juicy sound
    Cons - Can get grainy and artificial in complex songs.
    I've had a lot of headphones in the past and prior to this I thought in the sub 300 price category the Beyer DT990/880 were the best, they certainly still are at the top of the chart but this x2 is just as good and has a better styling, in my opinion these are one of the the better looking headphones out there. The headband is two metal rods that seem pretty sturdy, not exactly sure what the cups are made of but they seem well built and have a nice feel to them, overall I think these are built to last everything on this phone feels of premium quality. 

    To my eyes these cans are gorgeous, Phillips put some effort into the design of this can. With mostly metal and the use of leather on the headband make it look like a premium product. The cups have a very elegant yet simple design and mechanism used to attach the cups to the headband also look great with the circle ring around the ear-cup, I also think the grills complement the look and really like the pattern of the grill, also the grill being silver compared to the stealthy matt-black color of the phone adds contrast. Overall I think its a very pleasing, understated and elegant design. 

    Comfort has never been an issue for me as I don't even find the LCD series from Audeze uncomfortable and as most of you may have heard that the audeze's have a terrible reputation when it comes to comfort. Using memory foam pads which are pretty thick and the hammock system makes the phillips an easy and comfy wear, they don't create any hotspots on my head nor do they clamp tight, They feel like a pillow on my head they are extremely comfortable, it is when I wear these I notice that the big planars are uncomfortable. I don't think anyone will have an issue with these cans in terms of comfort, I have heard issues with the velour ear pads being itchy for some, unfortunately I don't have this particular problem with mine, could be me or my pair YMMV. 

    I just adore the sound of these, They sound more like speakers in a room. The bass is amazing on these, although my He-500 and El-8 have tighter bass, this has more impact and a better slam which makes it much more pleasing for me, it doesn't quite have the refinement of the planars (texture and detail) but its not far off you could say its on par.
    The mids are thick, juicy and very organic, they also sound pretty spacious and not as forward as the el-8, I also find the mids on the x2 very coherent and detailed.
    The highs are a mixed bag for me, they are a bit laid back, which is what I like but they also have some grain and artificial-ness to them, they aren't articulate or as refined as more expensive headphones but still I find that they are not a big complaint at this price range. 

    Soundstage and imaging are great on this phone, I find it better than the venerable HD600/650, and I also think they image and do soundstage better than my el-8 and He-500.

    I think phillips has made an exceptional phone not only at its price range but a great headphone period. I think everyone should own a pair of these and enjoy it, they aren't as analytical or technically superb can as the HD-800 or other high end cans, but I believe that they are very balanced and extremely enjoyable and don't really do much wrong and play well with most genres. At the 500 under price range I don't think there is can that will offer a better listening experience than this, for mixing and other pro audio purposes I think one needs to look elsewhere, they are balanced and neutral but tuned for audio enjoyment rather than monitoring or mixing. 
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    2. Zulkr9
      If you need a portable phone you can go for the Pm-3 but I don't know how it sounds, but if you if you are listening at home mainly the x2's would definitely be a great choice 
      Zulkr9, Apr 1, 2015
    3. crixnet
      Good review. I own the X2 and I love 'em. They are truly fun and their build quality and comfort are insanely great.
      crixnet, Apr 2, 2015
    4. Cathead
      Being portable is not important, I use headphones at home. When out, earbuds it's enough
      Cathead, Apr 2, 2015
  4. Sediman
    My Favorite All Around Headphone
    Written by Sediman
    Published Mar 31, 2015
    Pros - Great Bass, Clear Mids, Wide Sound Stage, Comfortable for long use, look, build, value...........
    Cons - The treble/highs can be a little bright and artifical (depending on song) but only at high volumes.
    The Philips Fidelio X2 are my favorite of all the headphones I have listened so far, except the LCD3, for a few reasons. I have a few headphones (Blue Mo-Fi, HD800, HD650, HD598, HD558, Urbanite On Ear, Urbanite Over Ear, Philips Fidelio X1, Grado SR80e, Beyerdynamic CustomOnePro, NVX XPT100, AKG K702,  HD419, HD429, HD449, ATHM50X, Audeze LCD3, Westone W30, Clarity One, Westone Alpha beta, Monster Cable Copper Pro, SMS In Ear Sport, JayBird BlueBuds X, Beyerdynamic DT99032, and more)....yes I actually have all of these as I work with headphones all day. They work will with pretty much every genre of music and sound really good. I listen to a wide variety of music, pretty much every genre except for Banda and Ranchero music. In my opinion they really shine on hip hop/rap, dubstep, and other electronic.  With music that focuses more on vocals and instruments like reggae, jazz, etc they could use a slight more center stage presence but unless you're able to AB test it to HD650 level headphones or higher you won't even notice.  They are slightly less detailed compared to some higher end cans but very close in my opinion. I like them better than the HD650 except the highs which are more laid back yet still detailed. With that said, I SOMETIMES switch to the HD650 when listening to bands and jazz. Anyways, I could go on for days about headphones so I'll end it here.  Great job Philips.
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    2. Sediman
      Quite honestly, I'm not 100% sure as I didn't realize it until I answered your previous question.  I would say between 100-150
      Sediman, Jul 1, 2015
    3. Wooof
      I see. Thank you, I hope mine will settle. If not I can always sell them and keep looking. But omg they are great otherwise. Maybe there are hps like this with smooth treble?
      Wooof, Jul 1, 2015
    4. loxtep
      Hey Dude,
      Thanks for the great review.
      I'm really stuck between getting the x2 or the hd650.
      Could you help me out? If you have a little spare time could you listen to these 3 songs with each. They represent the range of music I listen to and would be really interested to see which you think I should get?
      link for songs;
      loxtep, Nov 18, 2015
  5. trane1992
    best open headphones under 300 $
    Written by trane1992
    Published Mar 30, 2015
    Pros - clarity, range, soundstage, bass (even though its a open headphone) midrange is perfect
    Cons - If you are sitting in a dark room and listening to good music with these you might get transported to another dimension
    I bought the headphones on 26 / january / 2015 this first thing that made me happy was the excellent comfort of the headphones and the ability to stay on my head even if was leaning my head these headphones stay on your head and when you start playing music through them you would not  want to take them off .

    I use audioengine D1 DAC/ AMP with the S/PDIF on my computer and the volume is more than enough on 35%  
    This is the first headphone i have experienced the full range i didn't know how much detail i was missing  

    I have heard 24 bit version of Pink floyd - comfortably numb, led zeppelin - no quarter , Jimi hendrix - voodoo Child and it felt like i was listening to it for the first time i heard new sounds that i never heard before 

    list of songs 
    Exist strategy - Horizon aura
    Jake Chudnow - Shallow Anne
    Ermes Thomas Window The Album Leaf
    Zack Hemsey - The Way (Instrumental)
    Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche
    Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire
    Ludovico Einaudi - I Giorni
    Al AMin - Meknes Arabia (to test the bass)
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  6. D-TECH
    The best headphone available in the "below 1000 dollars" price range!
    Written by D-TECH
    Published Feb 27, 2015
    Pros - Extremely neutral, very good build quality, very comfortable, low price
    Cons - Pads can get hot after a few hours, exposes poorly mastered songs
    Let me start this review with some information about the company that made these headphones, Philips. The company that invented the CD, the first radio etc. As a Dutch guy, I'm very connected with this company. I’m studying at the Technical University of Eindhoven, where Philips has their main office and invented all their breakthroughs. This review is totally independent however. 
    Philips only started to make high-end headphones three years ago, with the X1. It was made by some very young engineers in Belgium, and auditioned by the “golden ears” panel. 
    There are only two acoustic engineers working at Philips at this moment, and only one industrial designer. It’s an extremely small team. And yet, they’re producing great headphones that are better than Sennheiser’s offerings. Sometimes, the best things seem to come from small teams (like the Microsoft Surface). 
    Unboxing: In typical Philips “style” the box is very barebones black cardboard with white texts. Nothing fancy at all, no excessive use of parfume (like B&W does). The X1 had better packaging, but was also 100 dollars more expensive. I personally only care about the headphones, not the packaging. You can have stellar packaging (like Audeze), but if the headphone sounds horrible (Audeze el-8), you have only a nice box to look at. 
    The build quality of these is pretty good, very sturdy and nicely built. In comparison with other brands in the same price range, it is way above the competition. The MDR-Z7 is already squeaking at every joint and the leather is degrading (the MDR-Z7 is a 700 dollar headphone!), I'm confident the X2 will last long.
    The comfort of these is good, but it takes a while for the metal parts to break in. The clamping force in the beginning is a little bit high. The stretch band works very well and adjusts to your head very easily. If you have a small head, they might be too big. They seem to be developed for Dutch heads (those are pretty big). If you have a small head, the clamping force might be too low. 
    Sound quality: not a lot of people have Fidelio products in their homes. I have the Fidelio E5 HiFi surround/stereo system. All of these products sound the same. Exactly tuned to their own house sound, as they do that using their golden ears panel, and the two sound engineers. 
    The tuning is very neutral, no coloring in the mids and highs. The bass goes very deep, but is not exaggerated or lifted in any way. There is a sort of grain in the highs and mids. It isn’t very noticable, but in comparison with the Denon AH-MM400 they are not as clean. The quality of the bass is very addicting and in comparison with other headphones in this price range, but even above (like the EL-8), the Fidelio X2 has a better bass and lifelike sound. 
    The midrange sounds a bit like it’s “out of phase”. This can be heard on every Fidelio product. It makes Jazz recordings very lifelike and open sounding. It sometimes doesn’t work that well with other genres, as it makes the midrange a bit “distant”. The hollowness is especially bad with poorly mastered rock music and live recordings. I can’t listen to live recordings on my Fidelio E5, as they sound very hollow, the same can sometimes be said about the Fidelio X2. It really depends on the quality of the CD. Keep in mind that a bad mastered song will sound bad on the X2. 
    The imaging and soundstage is really something you can only get with an open headphone, and the X2 delivers in this regard. It's very good. 
    In summary, I would recommend this headphone, as it's cheaper than it's rivals, sounds way better, is very comfortable and well-built. 
    1. crixnet
      Thanks for the review. The X2 are great phones.
      I agree that jazz is wonderful on the X2, but I personally don't have any major issues with other genres on these cans. I find them very balanced and clean with classical and the majority of rock I've listened to. 
      crixnet, Feb 27, 2015
    2. jamor
      These sound absolutely amazing with Live Phish.
      jamor, Nov 20, 2015
  7. Mr Vicarious
    Don't know what the fuss is about
    Written by Mr Vicarious
    Published Feb 24, 2015
    Pros - Meaty, big-boned sound, good soundstaging
    Cons - Bass dominates, upper midband and treble sometimes artificial sounding, lacks refinement
    Let me start off by saying that I had the previous version of this headphone - the X1, and I got rid of it because of the excessive bass output that spoiled what would have otherwise been a very good headphone. I was hoping that the X2 would correct the faults of the X1 but all I perceive are very minor improvements in bass definition and slightly improved sound-staging.
    The bass continues to dominate in the X2 at the cost of mid-band and treble quality. In bass heavy music, it is the bass that shouts the loudest and makes sure you 'get the point'. It's fun at the beginning, but soon becomes tiresome and for me at least is a right switch off. Vocals often lack smoothness and naturalness, and the glassy tone in the upper midband/treble heard in the X1 is still there in the X2, but now there's added graininess! As a consequence, the sound sometimes lacks resolution and refinement. Imaging also suffers as voices, for example, become 'splashier' and are not as defined and distinct as they should be. The whole sound is a curious mixture of big bass and lower mid-band warmth, and upper mid-band and treble brightness or coarseness; there simply is no integrity to the X2s sound.
    Although it lacks refinement in reproducing a lot of music, ironically in Classical music - where bass tends to be much less prevalent - the X2 can actually sound very nice. Sound-staging is quite deep and wide and instruments are placed fairly precisely. However when the music gets busy and bass notes start to prevail, then the presentation starts to becomes 'in your face' again; the X2 can't resist unleashing the testosterone filled bull that is its nature.
    So if you like your music 'big' sounding and don't care much for refinement, precision and musical insight, then go for it. Otherwise steer well clear.
    I've recently sold the X2 and bought the Sennheiser HD600 again - for the third time - and again I'm reminded what a truly great headphone it is. The qualities I was missing in the X2 are finally here in the HD600; refinement, naturalness, high class resolution, smoothness and a finely judged tonal balance.
    The pretender - the Philips X2 - has been imperiously brushed aside!
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    2. flognarde
      Thank's fot the warning. People are so addicted to base emphasis they lost any sense of how an instrument sounds like. 
      flognarde, Sep 20, 2015
    3. bracko
      Instruments sound fine on X2 actually. Nothing wrong with that. 
      bracko, Dec 27, 2015
    4. Gianluigib
      i own x2 and compared to hd 600 lack details so i decided to sent back them e keep the sennheiser but now after 1 year i want to buy again the x2 because i didn't found a better soundstage ! 
      Gianluigib, Mar 31, 2016
  8. OllyNL
    Philips made some incredible hi-fi cans for a great low price (imo)
    Written by OllyNL
    Published Feb 12, 2015
    Pros - Bass, sub-bass, soundstage, smooth highs, comfort, fun yet still quite neutral
    Cons - Will make you addicted to the sound. Ear pads collect dust. Long cable. (which I love, but for some is annoying)
    Build: It's superb. Feels incredibly sturdy and solid. Pretty sure I can drop them on the ground and they would be fine.
    Comfort: They are amazing in this department as well. I also got a couple of Beyers laying around, which are pretty much pillows wrapped around your head, (velour pads with lots of 'travel') and the X2's are almost as comfortable. The only thing is, they catch quite a bit of dust, which is easily rubbed off though.
    Edit: After 100+ hours of use, I think the X2's are actually more comfortable. When I switched back to the Beyers, I noticed my ears touch the drivers inside the Beyers, this doesn't happen with the X2's. Also the headband on the X2 do a supreme job at distributing the weight across your head. Way better than the barely padded Beyers.
    Sound: They are the best all-rounders on the market right now in my opinion. And not only in this price category, also above. Read about lot's of people selling their HD-6x0's with crack etc and keeping these with a basic amp like M2/M2 combo or Fiio's. Yes, it's that good. And no, you don't need an amp, but I would recommend one for desktop use, because it really does love some extra power.
    They do everything good basically, nothing superb. (roughly said) Except for sub-bass, which is insane on these. Best buy I ever did with headphones.
    Won't go into details of the sound much, because I don't feel experienced enough to do so. But user Baycode wrote an excellent long review here.
    Lows: Very very good. (for open cans) Mids: Great, not as forward as HD-600 etc, but very good. High: Great and smooth. No sibilance for me, although in the beginning there was a bit. But after 50+ Hours, there is no such thing. (burn-in, brain burn-in, call it what you want) Love this because my Beyers sometimes make me almost throw them out of the window. Although the highs on my Beyers are very detailed.
    All in all these are amazing sounding neutral-ish and relatively warm sounding cans. They don't disappoint with any kind off music.
    Absolutely wholeheartedly recommend these. They are truly great. Curious to see what Philips is going to do with the X3 in a couple of years. Hopefully kick ass.
    Here are some pictures:


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    2. crixnet
      Thanks for the input. Yeah, I'm looking hard at the Magni2/Modi2 Uber as I've heard they pair very well with the X2. I've also read good things about the Vali but I hear you on the tube microphonics. Maybe the overall SQ would make it worth it over solid-state?
      I currently really dig the sound of my Geek Out 1000 but I'm curious about learning more about offerings up the scale of desktop dacs and amps.
      crixnet, Feb 12, 2015
    3. OllyNL
      Maybe, but I think you should just stick with your current amp.
      Maybe if you once get some high impedance cans or planars, you should get a suitable amp.
      For now, for me at least, the E17 does great. Even with my Beyers.
      Good headphones > Expensive amps (for me)
      OllyNL, Feb 13, 2015
    4. crixnet
      Yeah, my Geek Out does a great job for now, so I'm not hurting much. But the siren song of a great dac and amp at a great price is tempting me to explore the possibilities for even more sound quality. Some folks have suggested the Schiit Vali and the Project Polaris as well being better alternatives than the Magni2.
      crixnet, Feb 13, 2015
  9. Got the Shakes
    My favorite headphones I've listened to
    Written by Got the Shakes
    Published Jan 20, 2015
    Pros - Detail, soundstage, bass, comfort
    Cons - Honestly I haven't found any yet
    These are, without a doubt, my favorite headphones I've personally listened to. They are super comfortable (I can listen to these things for hours without any fatigue), really easy to drive, and have amazing build quality. My listening consists of MP3 320 from my laptop>FiiO E07K>Philips Fidelio X2. I have also tried them with my iPhone 6 Plus and it seemed to drive them fine.
    Like I said, these are my personal favorite headphones. I think they sound great throughout the entire frequency range. There is actually a surprising amount of bass (not too much for me and I'm not a basshead). To me it sounds like there is quite a wide soundstage, and I can hear all sorts of details that I haven't heard before in my music.
    Wow. Are these things ever comfortable. The pads are really nice, and the auto adjusting headband works really well. I feel like there is the perfect amount of clamping force.
    I think these cans are one of the best values out there. I've listened to a fair amount of more expensive headphones and I think that these sound better. I have heard some people make the case that the X2s are the best sounding headphone under $1K, and I think I'd agree with them.
    All in all I can't recommend the X2s enough, especially if you are looking for an open can. I love them, and they will be the headphone that I will be using the most from now on,
    1. MrPanda
      Nice review! What phones would you compare them to?
      MrPanda, Jan 20, 2015
    2. altomite
      Compare to Senn HD600 if you will!
      altomite, Jan 20, 2015
    3. Morph91
      ^ I have seen the majority of people saying these are better than the HD650 and have a more presented bass. 
      Morph91, Mar 9, 2015
  10. Hal X
    Best value headphone ever. Neutral yet fun for less than 300$, rivaling and besting many high end headphones
    Written by Hal X
    Published Jan 14, 2015
    Pros - Neutral, fun, involving, detail, separation, soundstage, realism, bass, mids, highs, build quality, PRICE, VALUE(!!!!!), easily removable pads
    Cons - Sometimes artificial highs and not perfectly smooth, underestimated, Philips's not as highly esteemed in audio as others. Too little clamp force.
    Very, very, very good headphones, Kudos to Philips for making such a stunning performer.
    Neutral headphones, they still mantain a very high fun factor and high trasparency. Very detailed yet very musical too. A true masterpiece. Bass is extended, creamy, textured, detailed and with good presence. Mids are perfection. Highs are smooth yet airy and sparkly, holographical. Not laid back in any way, yet smooth. Very very easy to drive, even from a smartphone. Very high trasparency and wide soundstage. They only lack the ultra uber high end tecnicalities of a 30.000$ system, but not even HD800s have that. Still burning in probably, here are some impressions on some songs.
    Check the end of the review for burn in impressions.
    Acustic Courves 
    Oh my god. This is wonderful. Incredible detail, with a supremely organic and layered sound. Pluck of guitars is very satisfying and with excellent texturing. Drums are excellent, with great body and presence. Very realistic.
    The Harvester
    The strings. Ohhhh. How good, so organic, yet realistic. Veeeeery very good. And then the electric guitar. It's just perfection. Not  too intimate, not too spread, with right amount of body. X2 has a very high ability to mantain high contrast and sound still fun and smooth.
    Pipe Dreams
    Again very very good contrast, organic yet airy sound (!?!?!). Very very enjoyable and neutral. Very good soundstage. Instruments are all around, you feel in the room.
    I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You - Tina Arena & Marc Anthony
    Vocals are sooo good. Very good extension and transparency. Very very enjoyable. Addicting. Exceptional naturalness and wide, immersive soundstage. Very controlled, great body.
    I will always love you - Dolly Parton & Vince Gill
    Again, vocals are just exceptional. Stunning. I don't know what to say, I would just repeat myself. This is incredible, how balanced the sound is, yet how enjoyable.
    Digital Love - Daft Punk
    Bass is really great. Very immersive. Vocals, as always, just perfect.I'm stunned by the ability of these headphones to never sound congested. Very good detail. BAss is very "open", almost as if in a real room. Definitely not boomy, very very good control and transparency. And again, that feeling of enjoyment. You forget the headphones.
    One Day (Vandaag) - Bakermat
    Exceptional realism. Pianos have great body and realism. Bass slam is fenomenal. Very good Prat and impact. Perfect vocal rapresentation. Very good soundstage. Right amount of sparkle.
    What I Might Do - Ben Pearce
    Stunning bass performance, vocal perfection, very detailed yet involving. Bass is almost creamy.
    Bust A Move - Infected Mushroom
     GREAT! Really great! Very airy and detailed. Bass is again present and impactful, creamy. Cymbals are higly realistic. I hate repeating myself, but again, vocal perfection. Incredible soundstage. Very airy. Wonderful imaging abilities.
    Savant - Nazareth
    Very high realism and contrast. High detail retrieval, great soundstage. Very good impact and PRAT. Very credible. Still pretty smooth anyway.
    Savant - Wild Ganja
    Again a stunning performance, perfect balance, extremely wide soundstage. Bass has very good punch and presence, mids are perfect, highs detailed and smooth but not laid back.
    Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
    Exceptional. Stunning. Lovely. You feel the notes on the piano as if they were real. Black background. Very immersive.
     I will add more songs and impressions as burn in goes on.
    These are very very very good allrounders anyway.
    Having owned HD600s, wich i loved very much but ended up selling after getting some HD800s, I have to say these are clearly better. Yes, better than HD600s and near HD800s. I'm the one who spent 1200 dollars for HD800s anyway :p
    Vs HD650s: X2 has much better soundstage,sound is more realistic; definitely more enjoyable sound (especially bass is more extended, textured and punchy, one of the weaknesses of HD650 IMO), highs are more airy, much more holographical sounding but still lightly warm and smooth sound. Mids on X2 are more neutral( I always found HD650 to be emphatised at around 500Hz) but equally natural. HD650s are a little more forgiving, treble is a little tilted down on them on some areas but more present higher up and i do not find it very entertaining. On X2s it is almost right, smooth, yet not laid back, definitely. There's sparkle. HD650 is near neutral, but there is a little veil, since it is a little warm but with not perfect bass extension and forward mid-bass. X2s are definitely the winner here.
    VS HD800s:X2 has a little less wide sound,separation, detail and articulation on par. Still more enjoyable, but HD800's sound is a little more transparent (faster, more control, less distortion?) but not by much. still X2 has better depth, more credibility and a more balanced sound, in fact they are very good even without amp. HD800 has a more analytical sound (it is not bright, but bass is very fast and it presents detail in a forward sounding way). HD800 is tecnically better but X2 is the better headphone overall.
    These are the most enjoyable headphones I have ever heard. Neutral but fun, with both a hint of warmth and of sparkle. Fenomenal. [​IMG]
    Comfort and build quality are very high. Pads are very comfy (no problems of ink leak), headband almost disappears. Comfort about on par with HD800s. Cable has much better quality than HD650's stock but seems less high end than HD800's.
    Price/performance ratio is the best i have ever seen in audio. If these were selling for 900$, it would still be good value. Yes they are that good
    I have had them for few days (almost two weeks), thus the sound may change ... will post if it happens.
    Look is very good for the headphones by themselves, not so much on head because of the big headband system,looks a bit weird on head. Still very sexy though [​IMG] 
    Overall thoughts:
    Sound: 10-
       Bass presentation: 10
       Mids presentation: 10- (slightly behind HD600 wich is more natural)
       Highs presentation: 9 (a little artificial atm times, not the smoothest out there)
       Distortion measurements: 9+
       Space recreation and coherence: 9.7
       Fun factor: high
       Transparency: high
    Comfort: 9.7
       Pads: 9.5
       Headband: 10
    Look: 9
       Alone: 9.5
       On head: 8.5
    Value: 10+
    Overall: 9.5

    P.S.: you want a more HD650ish sound? Try placing HD6xx foam, cut to fit, over the drivers(under the pads). Hd6xx sound with better extension and imaging.
    Burn in impressions: sound is definitelt improving and I don't think it's placebo since with HD800 I heard no change whatsoever in sound . These are definitely changing. Mids are more forward now, the sound in general got more trasparent and a little more smooth. Maybe pads are changing with use? Dunno, anyway, for anyone buying them, wait at least two weeks of burn in until giving them a final judgement. Again, I'm shocked by the quality. Very very good Philips
    Burn in 2: these keep improving it's crazy. Or I'm becoming crazy. Really, this cannot be true, for so little money. They are really really underestimated just because they are relatively cheap compared to the insane prices of hifi audio.
    Revising votes as time goes. Sound gets a little more mellow
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    2. DerJansen
      I want to have Fun with my headphones rather to be neutral. Do you know if these will offer this? Or should I take the X1 or DT 990?
      DerJansen, Apr 3, 2015
    3. ronaldme
      Am also very satisfied with the Philip X2, exactly the sound that I love, very neutral sound.
      Only family are less happy by the open system, they can join us for music I listen to.
      Who knows a good replacement for the Philips Fidelio X2, with a closed, so just netraal sound image
      my english is not really good but hope I am understood my question.
       my budget is up to 400 euro
      ronaldme, May 14, 2015
    4. Vonx
      You really found the mids to be that forward and good with these headphones? They seem really v shaped to me. mids seem several dbs behind the other frequencies on mine
      Vonx, Jun 12, 2016