Philips Customer Design Headband Headphones SHL8800/28

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Philips Customer Design Headband Headphones SHL8800/28

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Pros: Stylish, good bass
Cons: Build quality, low highs, recessed mids
I bought these last year. Pretty much, I liked the design of the headphones themselves, I didn't really mind sound quality back then and all that, I brought them to school and let others borrow them, used it for home DJing and music listening outside. They broke in 3 months of abuse, but heck, I stepped on them once and it didn't break, I'm that abusive back then.
If you're planning on buying these, make sure you take care of them!
i had these too ... i abused them too but not to the extremes like you did... they withstood everythin ...and worked real properly to the time i found no point in keeping them i sold them
try sock modding them ... the sound gets much better! ...bass gains more body ..
Pros: durability, light-weight
Cons: clarity, thin sounding, poor isolation
nothing hi-fidelity about them.. cheap pair of on ears with poor response through out the spectrum


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