Phiaton PS 20 Half In-Ear Premium Earphone (Glossy Black)

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  1. DrikTheTroll
    "The active noise cancelling version works not a whit, that said they sound decent in passive mode"
    Pros - Engaging mids, decent clean bass, non-aggressive highs
    Cons - Active noise cancelling simply did not work in the 2 pairs i have tried (1 original, 1 replacement)
    Bought the active noise cancelling version of these as a daily deal on Amazon for <$20.
    Active noise cancelling completely broken on both my original unit and the replacement - so on one hand the quality was horrific.
    That said, I really enjoy their overall sound - slightly warm, bass present but not overwhelming, polite treble.
    Shallow fit IEMs not designed for good isolation. Not that comfortable to start with, but growing on me over time.