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"PETEREK (Verbessen)"

  1. Hawaiibadboy
    High Quality Handcraftsmanship at a fair price
    Written by Hawaiibadboy
    Published Sep 25, 2016
    Pros - Well made cable done by an established Head-fi gear modifier. Great price
    Cons - Custom items take time
    PETEREK cables​
    Balanced cable for Sony EX series.
    Standard custom for Sony EX series
    Standard 2 pin cable for LEAR,ASG,SHURE ETC.
    Standard MMCX connector
    Customized Sony XB90EX
    All cables paid for by me. The Standard EX cable was replaced by PETEREK at no charge.
    Highly rec this dude for all things "Custom". Stand up fella.
    His site is here:
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    2. InsanityOne
      Great review, great modder, great pictures, and a quality write-up. Thanks for this!
      InsanityOne, Sep 26, 2016
    3. Hawaiibadboy
      Hawaiibadboy, Sep 27, 2016
    4. MrMan
      Peterek epitomizes quality at a fair price. 
      MrMan, Mar 27, 2017