Penon PAC480 IEM Cable


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Excellent build quality
Fairly ergonomic for such thick cores
Produces balanced, homogenous sound
Aesthetically pleasing
Cons: Not the most supple due to thick cores
Chin slider not terribly effective
Introduction: Penon Audio has traditionally been known for its excellent custom IEM cables, and the PAC480 is their latest effort in bringing their skill and expertise to a somewhat more affordable price bracket. With an MSRP of $99 it is perhaps not exactly cheap, but it is of a vastly higher quality than the usual $20-$30 budget cables or the stock cables that come with most non-boutique IEMs. It is available in either a 2-pin 0.78mm or an MMCX version, and can be terminated with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.4mm plugs according to customer preference. It is currently on sale for $49.50 from an MSRP of $99.

I would like to thank Penon for supplying the PAC480 for the purpose of this honest review. The cable can be purchased here.


Construction: The PAC480 is extremely well-constructed, and consists of two thick cores of 480 strands each. It is of mixed single crystal copper and silver-plated strands. The fittings are copper-plated brass, and the plug is gold-plated. I found the build quality to be absolutely top-notch, and the MMCX version I received connects extremely tightly to IEM sockets and gives me no cause for concern regarding longevity or durability.

Ergonomics: The PAC480, being a rather thick 2-core cable is not the most supple, but is much more so than I would have expected given the thick gauge. It would not be my first choice for on-the-go use, but while at home I never found it troublesome or unwieldy at all. It is quite comfortable, and the formed earhooks are gentle yet effective. The only small downside is that the chin slider is not terribly effective due to the smooth finish of the cable.


Sound: The thick cores of single crystal copper yield a very smooth and homogenous sound with good solid note weight. The mixed silver-plated strands also give a bit of extra sparkle at the top end as compared to pure copper cables. I think the PAC480 would synergize well with most IEMs, especially those that could use a little more body and note weight to them without sacrificing detail and sparkle at the top.

Conclusion: The PAC480 is a well-built and aesthetically pleasing cable with good sound quality, and would prove a direct upgrade to almost any budget or stock throw-in cable. At its current sale price of $49.50 especially, it is easy to recommend for those looking for a nice and substantial upgrade without breaking the bank.

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I ordered two! (3,5 and 4,4) with the actual 50% discount this is a no brainer