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Penon OSG. Madness or Genius?
Pros: 4 strands of 71 cores of OCC copper, Silver plating infused with graphene. Solid premium built with silver solder and rhodium plated connectors and terminations. Soft supple not prone to tangle. No cord noise. Brilliant higher end cable worlds first graphene infused cable brings a blacker background to the host earphone effecting better instrument separation, cleaner rangier vocals, crystalline precise treble notes. Better defined bass. Enhances imaging and micro details of host earphones.
Cons: Cutting edge is costly. Your other cables will collect dust.
Penon OSG.
Sometimes we get in our hobby new and innovative offerings and while most folks are ok with their normal conventions sometimes thinking outside the box can yield some surprising results. Today we are looking into the newest hybrid type IEM cable from the cable wizards at Penon. If you go into this one with an open mind and read the results of these cables I am certain Penon is onto something completely new in the realm of cables. If you are a snake oil guy. You shouldn't read any of what I have to say. Cus to you it is all snake grease anyway right?
The Penon OSG stands for OCC crystal copper Silver plating with GRAPHENE. Ya you read right. We have the world's first graphene infused IEM cable. Before you start up the torches and sharpen the pitchforks. Here me out and again the disclaimer here is that you read on with an open mind. You can purchase the Penon OSG on their web site here. The OSG was provided for the purpose of review.
Sure you say why not. There are crazier things in audio. Upon reading lengthy descriptions of the properties of graphene. As you should know graphene is a carbon based material that is used in a large variety of ways. One of which actually is used for speakers. Before this cable I only seen graphene used in some earphone dynamic drivers which yields some great results actually. Carbon based dynamics is not uncommon; you will see carbon nanotubes, carbon like diamond coatings, graphene dynamics but this is the first time it has been infused in a cable.
So Penon figured out that Graphene of all materials has a positive effect in a cable and if it wasn’t effective why would they charge $310 for a set of these for them to be a fail? The answer to that is they wouldn’t. Is it madness or genius?
Workmanship of all Penon cables are tops in my book. They all not only look premium but feel and function perfectly. The attention to detail on these cables are tops and everything down to the connector is of a premium grade. Using premium silver solder and rhodium plated plugs. These are every bit the high end cable. So looks and premium accessories on the cable aside. What does the cable do?
We buy cables to match up with our favorite earphones and for me it has been my Solaris for a long time. However the Solaris is not an easy earphone to synergize with cables. Not as easy as you would think. I always find a cable for the earphone and try a different cable and depending on my mood they have subtle but varying effects on the sonics. I threw on the OSG on my Solaris and it was the first time I heard the Solaris sound this good. At first I couldn't point out what exactly it was that made them sound so good. Solaris by default has a great balanced tuning with some outstanding stage and detail to the sonics.
The crazy thing was it wasn’t immediately apparent but the more and more I listened to the Solaris with the OSG. It became very evident. I was looking for possible effects on treble or bass or a fuller mid section but it wasnt that. It was the detail of the music that was jumping out even more so. Hmm so the next earphone I attached them to was my Luna. And what you know. The detail aspect of the sonics on the Luna as well was jumping out at me.
5 earphones and a good week's worth of listening just using the cables and other in ears. It was clearly apparent to me. These cables enhance music notes. A blacker background can be perceived and that air around notes become more apparent. Detail from the bass notes to the treble becomes highlighted. Treble detail becomes more crystalline/ distinct in form, Vocals pop and seem to have more range, bass notes become more rounded and better defined. Because of the blacker background all notes associated with listening to the earphones become even more apparent.
Going back to the cable I was using on my Solaris was really when I noticed the most difference. Now I have no choice but to stick with the OSG with one of my favorites. Anything less and I can’t get that same sound again. Needless to say it will be staying with my Solaris for the foreseeable future.
It seems to me graphene actually enhances the effects of the other materials it is fused with. In this case, the OSG is mostly silver plated copper. The cable now has become a super SPC cable. I did a few hours of comparing the OSG with one of Penons own best SPC cable the OS849. On one aspect the OSG gives a similar tone and enhancement of the sonic properties of the OS849 but the clear difference is that instrument separation and note definition. OS849 just didn’t have the same effect. There is a reason why these cables cost almost 3X more.
In the end it is a hard sell to pay so much for an accessory item and I have to admit cables like the OSG are for the hard core that want to squeeze every bit of sonics out of your earphones. Once you try these cables it is tough going back to whatever you had cus it will not be the same. Penon has done it again and this time something completely new and possibly revolutionary in cable land. I had to admit I was a bit skeptical myself when I first heard about these cables but I am not a skeptic anymore. The proof is in the sonics. My Solaris will not be able to use any other cable now.
I only wish I had a few more sets of these to use with my other earphones.
If your in the market for a true audiophile grade cable for your earphones. I can’t think of a better cable to get than the OSG. These have quickly become my number one cable as no other cable I have used before it does the same thing.
Some enhance treble and tighten the bass while giving out better stage. Some warms up the mid range and gives a fuller bigger punch to the bass. But I have yet to experience a cable that actually enhances instrument separation and promotes better dynamic range to the sonics. These are the first. As unique as the material being used the cables have a unique effect but one you never knew you would appreciate until you try it on your best earphones. As always happy listening.


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Good stuff man!
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I got the osg today, your review is true, unlike other cables which change someting in the frequency response, with this it changes per iem the sound, the iem which were bright, stopped. And the iem which were too mid bass stopped. It is a really good cable. And nothing like other pure silver coper spc