Penon GD849

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PENON GD849 Gold-plated Audiophile IEM Cable


  • 8 shares, single share contains 49 cores, a total of 8 × 49.
  • 18K OCC gold-plated cables
  • The solder joints is silver–contained tin
  • Carbon fiber metal splitter and CNC integrated slider
  • Copper Gold-plated plug
  • Cable length: 1.2M

  • Cable
  • Storage bag
  • Pouch
  • Metal clip

Latest reviews

Penon GD849. Gold its what's for IEMs
Pros: Highly rated, undisputed 18k gold plating on a thicker 8 cored OCC cable. Brings an element of stage expansion, fullness with added richness in tone, Cleans up treble glare with a more rounded defined treble, bass has full impact and digs a bit deeper. Not as pricy as you would think. Niche type IEM cable that brings musicality to neutrally tuned highly detailed earphones. Softer with no cord noise, more supple than they look. Extreme high quality in build and accessories.
Cons: A bit weighty but not a big deal. Very blingy and will catch the eyes of onlookers. It is gold after all.
Penon GD849
Gold is such a rich commodity it costs roughly $62 per gram of the stuff. It is not a common material used in IEM cables but some dare to experiment with the riches of the rich and come up with cables that enhance the sonics of IEMs. My experience with gold in a cable is not many and it was the ISN GC4 that introduced me to what gold does for sonics. The Penon GD849 you can purchase here, ups the ante with an 849 cable that is at its base an OCC higher grade of copper cable and then coated with a 18K layer of gold. Considering what the material here is the cost of the cable follows suit. I know folks that read cable reviews are believers of cables and what they do for your earphones. If you're not then these look nice for your IEMs and that is really it.
For the rest of you. Keep reading. So what does 18K gold plating for a thick and substantial cable do for your earphones exactly you might ask? For one it adds a considerable amount of weight. These have to be the heaviest Penon cable due to the bulk of the 849 structure. 8 shares consisting of 49 cores per share. This thicker material weaving process is on all of Penons top rated cables. This amount of material insures the lowest resistance and signal path to your earphones. Each cable in the 849 series has this weave and structure compared to most other cables that use 8 cores. Penons are clearly thicker/more substantial. The GD849 while thick is surprisingly pliable with zero cord noise, soft to the touch and they certainly are not prone to tangle.
At the heart of the GD849 is a copper cable and not just your standard but one made with a higher end Ohno Continuous Casting process and then coated with a thick layer of 18K gold. All of Penons accessories on the cables and solder used are of the highest quality. Silver solder and gold plated connectors. This cable is what I consider a niche cable and know that not all types of earphones will work well with a gold plated cable for synergy. But if you get the right type of sonic signature to mix with the GD849 you will be rewarded with something that will bring some outstanding musicality to a detailed monitor.
To elaborate further the GD849 at its heart is a higher end copper cable, so copper effects on sonics will be the main influence on your earphones. Generally copper brings about fullness, a touch of warmth and big bold extended bass with the added effect of smoothing out the treble end. Gold on top of that gets you what I consider a super copper cable. Enhancing the effects of a higher end copper cable. I noticed gold plating on the ISN GC4, Penon GS849 and now the GD849 all adds a rich tonal quality to earphones base sonics. Seems the amount of gold plating will have a greater or lesser effect.

Where these cables will match up and synergize the most are for monitors with a lot of detail, neutral, or even your V tuned earphones with a bit too much in the way of treble emphasis. I know it sounds hokey that a cable can help tame the highs on certain monitors but these cables will do just this.
For example, connected to the Empire Ears Zeus. These monitors are more neutral in sound design and have a lot of exacting detail in the treble region, sometimes a bit too much. Using anything with silver in the cable will get you a healthy serving of some ear fatigue pie. The GD849 ends up being a great match even better than the cable I had before it, the ISN CU4. The GD849 injects some fullness to the sonics and most definitely smooths the lower highs from what I am hearing. Also injecting that richness in tone that CU4 does not do.
So why would you want to use a cable that will smooth out the treble end in a monitor? It seems to me that more and more earphones nowadays have a lot of upper register tuning to portray high fidelity. Clarity and detail is given that extra juice from earphones due to a lot of treble emphasis and some go about it a bit too much. Of course some folks like a lot of treble so as subjective as this review is. It will come down to individual tastes. Now back to the review.
TSMR-6 which again is a highly detailed monitor that can benefit from added fullness and richness to the sonics. Even more so than the Zeus the TSMR-6 synergizes amazing with the GD849 giving them a much richer tone to vocals. Vocals don’t sound as dry but has more substance/ better range/ fullness as well as better spacial portrayal of instruments using the GD849. Bass has better impact and range. The GD849 seems to enhance the musicality factor for monitors. The cables do a nice job retaining stock imaging, detail and the base tuning of earphones but that added richness and fullness in music notes make a highly detailed monitor not sound edgy sounding much better than their stock form.

A super copper cable. I am getting a much better understanding of what gold does for sonics, this being my 3rd cable with a gold plating. It is all about adding a darker hue to your sonics. So why would you want to add a darker hue to your sonics? The easy answer is simply to counter a sound that is too bright or edgy. The added benefit of the 849 structure to this particular cable is that it also adds some bulk to the sonic reproduction to your earphones. Meaning if you have earphones mids that sound recessed or a bit thin in presentation. These might be a good cable to look into.
Sonic synergy is a fine balance of countering the aspects of a sound that seems to be emphasized a bit too much. How many earphones are out on the market that has too much in the way of treble? A lot more than I am willing to admit actually.
So getting a cable like the GD849 as blingy and as nice as it is. Should not be purchased sorely based on the gold aspect. But more so if you actually need that sonic enhancing aspect I am talking about here to help balance out a monitor with too much upper registers and needs some musical injection to the sonics. This is the reason why I call cables like the ISN GC4, and this one the GD849 a niche and or a specialty cable. The GD849 will reward those that are looking for that synergistic aspect, a bit of tonal tuning via cables.

Nothing says you're a baller like a gold plated earphone cable. How cool right? Nope. Don’t be that guy. Know what you're getting into here before making a purchase. But for phones that work well with these. It will be worth every penny spent.

On the opposite end of that sound synergy by adding something like a GD849 to an earphone that already has a smooth big bold sound signature is like adding another layer of chocolate to a 7 layer chocolate cake. In other words. Warm + Warm does not match up. Bright/ neutral + Warm now we are talking.

I noticed the stage effect that is substantial while using the GD849 is added depth which is not too common among cables. Sound expansion width wise is not huge like a highly transparent silver cable but your layers of the mid bands benefit from the thick 849 structure of the GD849. Width is moderate in expansion but these cables will add some substantial depth to your sonics. Mid bands in general benefit hugely from the GD849 with the added effect of not holding back any bit of bass emphasis you got going on in your earphones.

For bass make no mistake these are copper based meaning these will bring out every nuance and energy of that bass in your monitors. No tightening involved, it is all about that full bass. That rich tone adds a bit of coloring to the bass end and brings a big boldness to the bass end in the process. Cables don't bring a 3db uptick in bass or anything like that but it does highlight a roomy bass mixed in with that thicker fuller mids enhancement.

Treble is smoothed and rounded out on most iems giving a perception of added warmth. Treble sounds cleaner and much less glary in the process. Adding a richer tone to the overall sonics of your monitor is what these cables are all about and if that sounds appealing to synergize your overly thin detailed sounding earphones. These might be exactly what you're looking for.

As always thanks for taking the time to read and while cables are a touchy subject. If you know what a certain cable is all about then you will have a much better chance to get that synergistic aspect you might be looking for from your favorite monitors. Happy listening.
Bonus, more effects of the GD849 on my monitors. On the BZQYZ Spring2. Sound expands substantially in all directions. Much better bass impact and extension from the GD849 vs the stock copper cable. Treble has more control and sounds cleaner vs the stock cable. Mids have more range and seems to have better separation in the mids. Excellent synergy with the Spring 2
Bonuses, more matchups with the GD849. On the NM2+ adds a more spacious fuller, grander presentation. A richer tone with that expansive stage, more authority in the bass region. Mid bands detail are better separated, treble is more rounded giving the treble region an increase in overall quality. The cable works extremely well for detailed monitors so naturally I tried it on the NM2+ which brings amazing results. This is a case where the earphones themselves is cheaper than the cable but the combination of the NM2+ plus the GD849 is just amazing. No other way to put it.


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claud W
claud W
I think that I will stick to my GS 849.


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