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Penon FAN HiFi Audiophile IEMS
Model: FAN
Dynamic Driver: 10mm
Material:3D printing resin, stabilized wood panel
Sensitivity: 102dB
Impedance: 23Ω
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Plug: 3.5mm
Connector: 2pin 0.78mm
Cable length: 1.2m

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New Head-Fier
Penon Fan – What “Fan” stands for?
Pros: ● Pleasing Tuning
● Very good detail retrieval
● Solid Build Quality & Nice Accesories
● Affordable, Competitive Price
Cons: ● Upper-treble roll-off
● Might be little lack of “bite” in Upper-mid
Penon Fan – What “Fan” stands for?
Penon Fan can be bought from Penon Audio ( Big thanks to Penon Audio for great service and fast delivery. Review 100% based on my experience using Penon Sphere for ± 40 hours..

Sneak-Peek Penon Fan
MSRP: $139
Tuning Style : U-shaped,slight warm, musical, non-fatigue
Frequency Distribution (Total 10): Low (3.75) – Mid (3) – High (3.25)
Suitable Genre : All-Around
Wear Comfort : Excellent / Good / Normal / Poor
Build Quality : Excellent / Good / Normal / Poor
Isolation. : Excellent / Good / Normal / Poor
Microphonic : None / Minor / Normal / Poor
Analytic Level : Excellent / Good / Normal / Poor
Mic : No
Balanced Cable : None
Detachable : 2-Pin 0.78mm

Brief Introduction to Penon Fan
Penon Audio, one of the well-known audio retailer based on Hong Kong, also known as retailer that brings “unknown” brand to international market.
Penon Fan is the latest IEM from Penon Audio, using 10mm full range Dynamic Driver with impedance 23 Ω so it’s supposed to be easy to drive using your phone. Fan Faceplate use stabilized wood panel which remind me to Van Gogh “Starry Night”.
Penon Fan equipped with lot of accessories such as 6 pairs eartips (3 pairs S-M-L green silicone eartips and 3 pairs S-M-L blue silicon eartips, Velour Pouch and exotic wave (or batik) pattern case with tassel and lastly 4-core brown-silver cable.

Sound Quality Evaluation
This Review using YinLuMei A1S as source
High Frequency
Smooth, relaxing with just enough sparkling, airy, good detail, there is Roll-off on upper –treble, non-fatigue, it’s the treble that suitable with any genre

Mid Frequency
A bit recessed, clear mids with a bit warmth touch which make vocal smooth and lush with good weight, still in the realm of neutral. Upper-mid a bit surpressed which make some instrument lacks of “bite” but it’s a fair trade since you get those intimate vocal and sibilant free.

Low Frequency
Deep bass, sub-bass focused, quite impactfull mid-bass, well-controlled, atmospheric, the speed isn’t the fastest DD out there but still a good one.

Separation, Soundstage & Resolution:
Soundstage width is great, depth is decent but could be better. Instrument separation is good. For Resolution just a bit better than average.

Personal Comment
Penon Fan reminds me a lot about Tipsy Dunmer, both of them share the same presentation: warm, relaxed and musical soundsig. Fan is more balanced, better technical and cleaner than Dunmer, not mentioning there is no treble harshness since dunmer can be harsh in some track.

This is my second encounter with Penon IEMs, and I would say Penon really know how to tune relaxing and musical IEM. If "Fan" stands for Fanatic, easily hooked me to become one of their “Fan” for sure.

Should I buy Penon Fan?
If you looking for “Jack of all trade, Master of none” IEM, Penon Fan is the best IEM in this price range. While it won’t do outstanding performance, Fan will do great work for most songs.

That’s all my review of Penon Fan, hope it helps, Cheers~

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Excellent, written like an old pro!
@Wildcatsare1 thank you for the compliment, and thanks for reading :L3000:


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