Peachtree Audio iNova Rosewood iPod Dock

General Information

The iNova features an 80 watt per channel amplifier, class A tube preamp, high-resolution digital- to- analog converter, class A headphone amplifier and a PURE DIGITAL iPod dock. The iNova takes the best from the award-winning Peachtree Audio Nova integrated amplifier and improves it! The upgrades are notable if you want the very best from your iPod, if you want the best resolution possible for computer audio or from streaming devices like Apple TV, Sonos and many others now on the market.
The iNova preamplifier section employs a Class A 6N1P tube output stage that smooths the harsh digital edge. You can run a separate amplifier or subwoofer from the pre-out RCA outputs if more power or bass is needed. The preamp maintains a high level of detail while taming digital music regardless of the codec. The iNova features a 24/96 USB input for your computer, plus two coaxial and two optical inputs delivering up to 24/192 resolution for other digital sources like Squeezebox, Apple TV, Airport and Sonos. It also offers two analog inputs for docking stations, CD players, tape decks or phono preamps. The iNova preamplifier covers the bases like no other product! We then couple this with an 80 watt per channel ST MOSFET amplifier in the final stage, achieving a highly musical "analog" sound.


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