Panasonic RP-HTX7PP-K Retro Style Monitor Headphones (Black)

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Panasonic RP-HTX7PP-K Old School Monitor Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Fun sound for the price, decent highs with lots of shimmer, good soundstage, lightweight yet durable
Cons: Recessed mids, rolled-off bass, highs may be too bright for some, earpads and headband wear out over time.
These were my first over-ear headphones, and I read a lot of good things about these headphones before buying them. I got them for 40$ (Canadian) at Future Shop as they were on clearance. I've used it for about 2 years before I upgraded to the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.
Despite their looks, they are quite durable and aren't prone to breaking. The retro aesthetic is also very nice.
The downsides in the design are to be expected in a headphone at this price. The earpads and headband do wear out over time and the headband isn't replaceable. The earpads can be replaced but as far as I know new earpads are only sold on AliExpress.
These do get a bit hot after prolonged use, especially in the summer time, they are decent earmuffs in the winter though they do leak tiny bit of air inside (you can hear air going into the housing when you walk around, but it doesn't really get in)'. The clamping force is moderate and they have considerable space around the ears. I found these more comfortable than my ATH-M50x.
Sound quality
Note: These are based on an unmodded unit.
These have a v-shape sound signature that is "fun" and lively. The bass is decent but slightly rolled off at the very bottom, so while there is a considerable amount of sub-bass, it doesn't reach very deep and there is a bit more mid-bass. The impact is blunt and can be a bit muddy at times. The mids are recessed and there is a somewhat "hollow" reverb, but they don't sound dry but a tad bit warm.  The highs are probably the best part of the sound signature, the treble extends well and has a lot of shimmer. Some listeners might find it too bright but I really enjoyed this sound as it does bring out some details, especially with guitars. They don't sound particularly sibilant, however, as the treble peak is rather wide and not short and shrill.
These are fine with portable gear, though the volume is about a stop less than my IEMs. The subbass does pulse a bit more when using a device with amplification.
For the price, the soundstage and instrument separation are decent. While they do struggle to resolve some details, they don't sound congested.The M50x has a slightly smaller soundstage but definitely wins out in instrument separation.
For under 50$, these are a very good deal if you want a portable, lightweight headphone with a fun and lively sound signature.
Pros: Decent sound quality for the price, light weight, comfortable and cool retro looks
Cons: Not much really
Having been told good things by others about these and I love their retro looks I purchased a pair to use on my commute. At the price I will not be too distraught if I leave them on the train, drop them or otherwise bring their useful life to a premature end.

They are nice and light in weight thus not adding much to my laptop bag and Mac Book Pro for lugging about. The sound quality is very good and they  are easily driven by my iPod Classic. The base is a bit thin and lacking in absolue depth and slam. The treble can be a bit "spity" and sibilant and ultimate transparency is limited. Having said that it all works together well and produces a very listenable sound.

With their cool retro look, decent sound and low price point you can't go wrong with a pair of these.
Pros: Comfort, Lightness, Decent Sound
Cons: Short Cord, Cheap Adjustment
I LOVE music, but have never had an "Ok" pair of headphones.  So I about a year ago I spent a few days looking for the best inexpensive pair I could afford.
I read hundreds of reviews and finally came up with two to chose from:  The Panasonic RP-HTX7 and the Koss PortaPro.
As they are different, I decided to get both pairs from bhphotovideo (both for good prices and still might be).
But as this is the RP-HTX7 Thread, I will stick to that for now (plus nothing I could really say about the PortaPro that has not been said already).
Anyhooo.  I let the RP-HTX7 be "burned" in overnight as it played through hundreds of songs on my computer.  I ended up trying them the next day and was happy with the sound.
Over the year I have used them in situations where I wanted to have at least a little sound isolating (otherwise I just find myself reaching for my PortaPro's).
As I am new to the "Hi-Fi" world, I can not review these in too much of a technical way.  I can just say that the Hi's are good and the Bass is just ok (I will need to try the "hole mod" and see if that helps). 
This has been said by others, but the light weight of these small cans is great.  They can be worn for long periods of time without too much discomfort.  They also seem to stay much cooler than other pairs I have tried in the past.
As of late I have not been using these much though.  My girlfriend as "stolen" them for her MacBook.  I think for her they are perfect.  She can not tell the difference from a $2 pair to a $1000 pair.  But it makes me happy to know at least she is using a decent set for her ears. 
However, as I will most likely mod them later in this same day...  I might be stealing them right back from her if I like the results.
I did do the "Bass" mod.  I must say, I did notice a slight difference.  Not enough to change anything in my review though.
Over a year using the RP-HTX7 and I still feel these are a good pair of inexpensive over-the-ear headphones.  Sounds is simple and clear.
Deep Funk
Deep Funk
With a bit of amplification you can clear up the sound a bit. Modifications are easy...


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